Retired UFC Fighter Georges St-Pierre Looks Absolutely Shredded in New Photo

UFC Legend Georges St-Pierre retired from professional fighting in February of 2019 with a record that safely put him among the most successful welterweights in the league’s history. “It takes a lot of discipline to retire on top. It was a long process in my mind, but it’s time to do it. Only a few people have done it,” St-Pierre said at the time.

Now that nearly a year has passed since his retirement, however, many UFC fans are speculating that St-Pierre could have at least one more fight left, and you only need to glance at his Instagram account to see why.

Earlier this week, for instance, St-Pierre shared a new shirtless photo on Instagram, showing off a shredded physique comparable to when he was in peak fighting condition. In a caption to the post, St-Pierre credited the recent weight loss to a three-day “water fast,” adding, “I always feel like a new man. Have you guys ever tried something like that?”

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In the days since, St-Pierre has also shown off his impressive core strength with a combination of handstand stability workouts, as well as a pair of jumping drills that the fighter says are “excellent for calorie burning and improving power endurance.” While this may be nothing more than an elite athlete doing what he can to stay fit in quarantine, others hope it may be an indicator that GSP is quietly prepping for a return to the octagon, possibly for a much-anticipated bout against fellow retired UFC legend Khabib Nurmagomedov.

So far, though, St-Pierre has either denied that’s the case, or played it coy: A “surprise announcement” on Wednesday, much to the disappointment of those same fans, turned out to be nothing more than news of an endorsement deal with Budweiser.

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