Ryan Reynolds Unveils a Terrifyingly-Jacked Alter Ego for Free Guy<\/em>

We know that movie stars work hard to get jacked for their beefed up roles in fantasy and comic book movies—and sometimes, costumes, special effects, and smart staging choices can help to make them look even more muscular. But what Ryan Reynolds just unveiled to preview his upcoming movie, Free Guy, is on an entirely different level.

The actor used a video on his YouTube channel to poke fun at the Hollywood fitness industrial complex by pulling back the curtain and give a behind the scenes look at Dude, a muscle-bound bad guy who appears to be a major obstacle for Reynolds’ protagonist in the film. Dude isn’t just big. He’s jacked, or you might even call him swole or yolked. And Dude is supposed to be Reynolds—at least that’s how he’s credited in the trailer.

Reynolds—whose physical prep for other roles like Deadpool has made him the subject of plenty of coverage detailing his workout plan—breaks down the steps he took to become Dude after he pauses the movie preview. “I do know you hear actors complaining about how hard their movie workouts are,” Reynolds says in a voiceover as the massive Dude gets out of bed, grabs a gold chain, and comes into the frame. “I don’t have time for that. I’ve been at this one week and I’ve got to tell you… it’s coming in nicely.”

From there, the actor makes a mockery of the real life steps he’s probably taken in the past to get a non-deepfaked body for work. “I start every day with a protein bomb made exclusively of human muscle. It’s completely organic and illegal.”

The whole clip is a smorgasbord of self-referential humor, bodybuilding jokes, and gratuitous flexing. Don’t worry, Deadpool fans—Reynolds isn’t actually a gigantic slab of muscle now. This is clearly the work of FX wizards, who have terrifyingly applied his face onto some giant guy’s body to create Dude.

At least we hope so, if only for Reynolds’ wife Blake Lively’s sake. “I actually fathered our youngest daughter when I was this muscular,” Reynolds says. “The child was born full grown and wearing shoes, which was weird for Blake.”

Let’s keep Dude in the movies, please.

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