The 10 Most Expensive Bars In New York City

When visiting New York, your options for all types of entertainment are endless. The hustle and bustle of the city is no joke, and everywhere you look, you’ll find a variety of restaurants and bars featuring drink options that tempt you to go in and indulge. While there are certainly many options to select from in this busy city, there are a few bars that stand out as being more upscale and elitist than the rest. Of course, New York is a hub for celebrities and the world’s most elite, so it comes as no surprise that this city boasts some of the most expensive bars with the most incredible drink offerings. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to visit these incredible places… if you can find a way to get in!

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Let’s take a look at the 10 most expensive bars in New York City.

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10 Rose Bar

You’ll find fashionistas, celebrities, and private parties hosted here, and you’ll want to join them if you can find your way into this exclusive, VIP bar. Many of the most famous visitors opt to host their after-parties at this venue, and world-renowned DJ’s regularly come in to spin their hottest playlists for this elite crowd.

The seating area is velvet-upholstered and this intimate spot doesn’t hold back on the expensive décor. If you don’t mind spending a minimum of $20 for a small swig of whiskey, the Rose Bar is the place for you!.

9 Bar Hugo

Visitors had better come prepared to drop some serious dough if they want to indulge in some drinks while they take in the dramatic views of the Hudson River and the Statue of Liberty.

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Ornately designed with prominent bronze décor, this bar features handcrafted cocktails that are mixed to perfection every time. For the price of $25 and up for a drink, this little slice of heaven can become your escape.

8 Brandy Library

Fine Drinking options can be found in abundance at the Brandy Library. Open since 2004  this reputation as being a gathering place for the elite to come and indulge in sophisticated spirits and one-of-a-kind drink creations.

The vibe is a relaxing one, with Frank Sinatra playing in the background. A singular drink here will cost you more than 3 at the local pub, but you’re in downtown Manhattan in a swanky bar, so that’s to be expected.

7 Lantern’s Keep

Lantern’s Keep is a hidden gem that you have to be on the hunt for as it’s tucked away – and with good reason.

Incredibly creative (and expensive) cocktails are served with pride in this intimate, one-of-a-kind environment. This exclusive space is sought after by those who are seeking a unique drink experience… and those who can afford to spend the money it takes to fully enjoy the experience, of course.

6 Bemelmans Bar

Bemelmans Bar is a New York staple. It commonly attracts socialites, politicians, movie stars, those seeking an enhanced and extensive drink menu. Live entertainment is a nightly feature in this predominantly dark, Art-Déco space. This bar features a dramatic black granite bar, and a stunning 24-karat gold leaf-covered ceiling.

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Those who opt to drink here should come prepared to spend well over $20 a drink, but they make them really, really strong, so we aren’t complaining. The drinks are also hand-crafted and designed and your visit is really more of an experience within itself. We promise you, it’s worth every penny.

5 King Cole Bar

The St. Regis New York demands respect as a long-standing emblem of posh sophistication in the very heart of Manhattan. This hotel houses the incredible King Colee Bar which remains one of the city’s most elite cocktail lounges. You’ll find the most unique aperitifs served in the fanciest possible way each time.

Guests will never leave disappointed… as long as they’re prepared for the hefty bill. High society lifestyles come with a hefty price tag, and this bar is no exception. You can expect to shell out more than $30 for a drink, but we guarantee that it will be a different experience than your usual routine. Don’t forget to dres to impress when you visit this venue!

4 Top of The Standard

At Top of The Standard, the prevalence of gold décor screams opulence at every turn. Everything is gold in here, inclusive of the tables, bar, and the ceiling. Yes, the ceiling! With all this gold in the creation of the ambiance alone, you can surely expect to spend a few dollars in here.

This bar features some of the best views of the city, but beware – it turns into a “members only” hotspot by 10 p.m. so not only do you have to be prepared to spend a lot on drinks, but you also have to appear on a very strict VIP list in order to get in.

3 Dear Irving

This sensational bar features a different theme in each room, ranging from art deco to modern contemporary motifs. The drinks here are made to perfection and the drink list is adjusted regularly to reflect the most current trends in mixology.

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Located a few blocks south of Gramercy Park, you have to go out of your way to locate this private venue. Be prepared in advance to pay a hefty price tag for your favorite alcoholic indulgence. Oh, and in true elitist fashion – you can’t just walk in here – reservations are mandatory, and are taken well in advance.

2 Death & Co

You can expect to wait a long time to get into this bar, knowing that you’ll shell out some hefty dollars on your way out. This tiny, intimate venue doesn’t accept reservations, so if you want to indulge in some fancy cocktails in this narrow little space, we advise you to come early and pack your patience.

It’s one of the original fancy hot-spots of New York and has maintained its original charm. You can expect hand-carved ice cubes in your drinks, and fancy garnishes affixed to perfection on each unique piece of stemware your drink is served in.

1 Pegu Club

Located in an unsuspecting location, two floors above the hustle and bustle of the city, this is the perfect spot for a quiet drink with that special someone. Love birds and business associates are known to flock here when they’re looking to impress someone and leave a lasting impression. The vibe here is a very relaxed one.

Luxury and an air of pretentiousness fill the space, and customers can expect to patiently wait for their fancy, custom-created drinks to arrive. Don’t come here if you’re expecting a quick drop in – you’d be insulting their craft. This venue is more of a luxurious time-lapse, bringing together the most elite clientele and the most uniquely curated alcoholic creations. Each drink costs upwards of $25 and is mixed and designed to sheer perfection.

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