The best Y2K hairstyles to try this party season

Whether it’s a family gathering or a work do, there are plenty of reasons to dress up this party season.

And if you’re turning to the 00s for inspiration, you’re not the only one.

The Y2K resurgence is in full force with skinny brows, low rise jeans and coats with fur trims slipping into the mainstream again.

But 2000s hairstyles are having a moment in the spotlight too – as many celebrities and influencers have been sporting a plethora of nostalgic looks.

Y2K hair is back and it’s surprisingly easy to recreate at home. After all, most of us will have practiced styles during our childhood and teenage years. 

If you want to give some hairstyles a go this party season, we’ve rounded up some looks to try and how to go about them.

Zig zag parting

A zig zag parting really is a blast from the past, previously seen on the likes of Christina Aguilera and Britney.

More recently, though, it’s been spotted on Bella Hadid and Ariana Grande – after a lengthy hiatus.

If you’re bored of your side or middle part, switch things up for the festive season with this nostalgic look.

If you’re unsure about such a bold style, hairdresser Ricky Walters says to start small.

He tells ‘Zig zag partings seem to be coming back.

‘My one lay warning is start off a little subtle to allow you and your hair to get used to it. You can then increase the depth over time.’

Half up, half down

J. Lo has rocked a half up half down look almost two decades apart and has proven that it works for both smooth and silky hair, as well as more messier beachy waves.

Lucy Boynton and Jourdan Dunn are two other celebs to show off the look more recently.

Ricky says: ‘Something that is perfect for the party season. So many of us use hair as a comfort blanket that frames our face. So when having a hair up often feel “all face.”

‘Half up half down gives you the best of both. Enough length to swish around the dance floor and play with but also something a little more glam for those festive evenings out. 

‘Half up always looks best on hair that has been waved or curled. Add interest and dimension by twisting the sides before pinning on place.’

High pony with side part front

Since we’ve all started working from home more, we’ve developed a soft spot for the effortless ponytail.

So why not bring this newfound love of the updo into party season with a throwback high pony, with a side part at the front?

It’s sleek and sophisticated, which means it’s great for an occasion like a festive party. 

To create, simply get a section at the front you want to for the side part – at the thickness of your choosing.

The scrape the rest of your hair back and secure into a sleek high pony, before smoothing the front section and clipping into place.

Flicked ends

Admittedly flicked ends were a big trend of the 60s, before coming back around in the 90s.

But the super cute hairstyle proves that the third time’s a charm, as it’s a big look for 2021, too – and elevates any outfit by giving it a glamorous edge.

‘Flicked ends is a style best for those with slightly longer than collar bone length hair,’ adds Ricky.

‘Ends don’t have to be flicked all in the exact same way. Just add a bend to the ends with a round brush and then tip your head upside down when finished blasting with cold hair. Let your hair fall into place wherever it chooses to.’

Face-framing front

Thought leaving two strands of hair hanging by the side of your face was a tragic 00s trend?

Think again. 

Along with curtain bangs, generally, the former school-girl style is back – and the symmetrical nature of the face-framing look means it’s a very flattering option.

Ricky says: ‘This is a sensational way to give your hair up some extra detail. Even works with a full block fringe. 

‘Try and take larger chunkier pieces round the front and add curl and movement. If too long just pin out the way gently. Go bold with this. More is more.’

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