The World’s Most Expensive Cheese Types, Ranked

Everyone loves cheese. It’s on everything. It can be added to anything. Whether you’re eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even dessert, there is always room to add cheese into the mix. Of course, most of us are only familiar with the cheeses you can buy at your local grocery store.

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We’re familiar with basic cheddar, Kraft, swiss, and copious amounts of artificial cheese flavoring that goes into your everyday junk food, but there is a much wider variety out there than you might even realize. There are people whose entire jobs revolve around crafting hand-made artisanal cheeses. We’re taking a look at the most expensive cheese types in the world.

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10 Winnimere Cheese $30 per lb.

Made only in the winter months, the Winnimere cheese is special due to its creamy, spreadable texture. It is created from unpasteurized cow’s milk and only in Jasper Hill Farm, located in Vermont. The cheese has won many awards. It has to be aged for 60 days before it can be eaten.

Unlike the other cheese on this list, Winnimere is probably easiest to eat as it comes in a spoonable texture when you buy it. The cheese makes a great accent for any savory dish. The reason the cheese is only made in winter months is because that is when the cows give their best milk.

9 Beaufort Cheese – $45 per lb.

One of the reasons this cheese is so expensive is because it takes 130 gallons of milk to make a Beaufort of 40-45 kg. The cheese comes specifically from the Beaufort cows and has existed since the time of the Romans. There are three different versions of this cheese, one of which is made in the French Alps, but all are expensive.

Beyond the D’alpage cheese, which is made in the Alps, the other two types are summer (d’ete) and winter (d’hiver). The cheese must age for at least 6 to 12 months before it is ready to be served.

8 Jersey Blue – $45 per lb.

This cheese comes all the way from Switzerland, which you might have guessed given its name. But it was initially created by Willi Schmid. As the name suggests, Jersey Blue cheese is cultured from specific raw milk stemming only from a Jersey cow. It is a blue cheese with a dome-shape.

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It’s known for its blue outer appearance and the blue veins that permeate the product. Willi Schmid’s dairy is known for creating some of the best cheeses in all of Switzerland due to his care and dedication to the craft. He ensures he tastes all the milk produced to retain only the best product.

7 Horse Cheese – $50 per lb.

No, this cheese is not actually made from horses. It is made from a rare type of Italian cow. The real name for the cheese is Cacuicavallo Podolico. It looks somewhat pear-shaped and is immensely popular in Italy. This cheese is made from the Podolico cow that is bred at the Casa Madaio dairy farm.

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It is known for its sharp and tangy flavor and the texture is somewhat spongy in nature. Depending on how long it is kept ripening, it can actually retain a more fruity flavor. It is also special because it is maturated in specific Italian caves.

6 Old Ford Cheese – $50 per lb.

In comparison to some of the other cheese on the list, $50 per pound isn’t as daunting but it still makes the Old Ford cheese one of the more expensive cheeses out there for purchase. It is made from goat’s milk specifically cultured in England. It is also pressed and firmed by hand.

What gives it the dense, hard texture is that it is created from unpasteurized goat’s milk. It’s somewhat hard but it ripens quickly in warm temperatures. People who love it claim to be a fan of the buttery and salty flavor. Although, admittedly, it is not the most appealing cheese to look at with its unpleasant coloring.

5 Bitto Cheese – $150 per lb.

One of the reasons you might be paying $150 a pound for some Bitto cheese is due to how long it takes to actually make a wheel of it. It can take ten years for Bitto to ripen to its fullest potential. The cheese was originally made in Italy and then imported to Hong Kong.

Due to its sublime taste and rarity, it is a gourmet cheese and considered a delicacy, although it certainly isn’t easy to come by or afford. Beyond the fact it takes Bitto ten years to ripen, it can still be stored for years beyond that.

4 Wyke Farms Cheddar – $200 per lb.

Wyke Farms is the largest independent producer of cheese in the entire United Kingdom so it should go without saying that they know their stuff when it comes to cheeses. Why settle for store-bought Kraft singles when you could instead indulge in the creamy goodness of Wyke Farms specialty cheddar? Sure it’ll cost you $200 a pound but it’s worth it, right? Many people do think so.

The cheese was originally created in 1861. The business has done so well it has begun to export its products on an international scale. Although you’ll certainly pay an arm and a leg in shipping costs in addition to getting the gourmet cheese their product won an award for being the world’s best.

3 White Stilton Gold Cheese – $431 per lb.

If you want people to know you’re really fancy you can bypass the regular Stilton cheese and head straight for UK’s extra-fancy White Gold Stilton cheese. Normal Stilton cheese has blue veins in its appearance because of the certain type of mold introduces to the cheese. Whereas with the Gold Stilton, they shoot the cheese through with edible gold leaf.

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It’s similar to what you see in Goldschlagger alcohol. According to Eater, the specific leaves they use are real gold-Cinnamon Schnapps. You can only buy this cheese at the Long Clawson dairy. But even if you only want a single slice of it, it will still cost you 60 euros.

2 Moose Cheese – $500 per lb.

Have you ever heard of milking a moose? You probably haven’t and that’s exactly why this special, extra-rare, moose cheese is so expensive. The cheese is specially made in Bjurholm, Sweden by three specific moose. They lactate from May to the end of September and according to Atlas Obscura, four varieties of the moose cheese are made by the farm-owners.

Have you ever had the desire to eat cheese made from moose milk? Well if you fancy trying this renowned, yet strange delicacy, you’re going to be paying a hefty price. To get a single pound of moose cheese you’ll be paying approximately $500.

1 Pule Cheese – $600 per lb.

Pule cheese is incredibly rare because it has to be made to order and you can’t typically buy it commercially. Because of its rarity, it is astonishingly expensive at $600 a pound. The cheese originates in Serbia because it comes from milk from a herd of Balkan donkeys.

The donkeys are located at the Zasavica reserve and the Balkan donkey is endangered. 100 donkeys must be milked to make this type of cheese because it takes 25 liters of their milk to make a single kilogram. The cheesemakers use the money to sponsor conservation efforts to hopefully save the Balkan donkeys from endangerment.

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