These Before-and-After Photos of Hair Color Corrections Are Soothing AF

Anyone who’s ever switched up their hair color knows that when their regrowth starts to show, it’s time to call in the professionals. But there’s a fine line between that little bit of your natural hue shining through and the moment you realize your regrowth is taking over your dyed hair, and you’re bordering on a brassy mess. It takes a talented hairstylist to work wonders on considerable roots, grown-out ombré, or botched box dye jobs, and all of these examples show the industry’s very best color correctors.

From the best bleach fixer-uppers to the most incredible ombré aficionados, prepare to be wowed by Instagram’s most dramatic hair color corrections with the best before and after photos and videos. Talk about turning things around! Read through the transformations here, then take a look at how professional stylists have worked their magic with hair extensions, too.

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