This Jenna Dewan-Approved Sunscreen Is Behind Her Perpetual Glow

There's a whole industry dedicated to keeping celebrities looking good, which is why it's always enlightening to hear straight from stars what they use daily (and why it's important to have a reality check now and then). With thousands of dollars' worth of products at their beckon, genuine skincare recommendations carry that much more weight. And going by Jenna Dewan's reliably glowing demeanor, the skincare picks she just recommended on Instagram are working. 

During a late-night Q&A session on the social media platform, Dewan made the most of her L.A-to-Australia jet lag – and added to our must-buy list in the process. In response to a follower asking for her favorite vegan, cruelty-free skincare, Dewan answered, "@Tula! Love their products, especially the sunscreen and sugar scrub." 

She's not alone; last September, Mandy Moore took to Instagram to showcase the brand's brightening eye balm (and posted from the depths of quarantine to boot). Tula's a pioneer of the skincare world, thanks to its early days adoption of probiotics to soothe and protect skin. In the time since, brands like La Roche-Posay, Liv Tyler and Jennifer Lawrence's favorite Eminence Organics, and more acclaimed brands have incorporated the technology into their formulas. 

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The reason? According to Tula, probiotics help balance your skin by improving its barrier function while hydrating and smoothing out texture. The sunscreen Dewan loves combines probiotics with pineapple and papaya extract for gentle exfoliation, plus wild butterfly ginger root to ward off blue light damage and pollution. Per shoppers, the formula goes above and beyond a typical sunscreen, adding hefty skincare benefits to its sun protection. 

"This drastically changed the texture of my skin for the better – nothing else I have tried has worked so well," writes one Amazon shopper. "My skin is bright, tight and alright! Seriously, it's like mini microdermabrasion everyday. AHMAZING!" Hyperpigmentation-prone skin also flourishes, thanks to the ingredients: "The formula is lightweight, goes on smoothly, and provides excellent coverage," writes a reviewer. "I am African American, and I have sensitive skin, which causes hyperpigmentation. The probiotics are calming, and my skin is healthier." 

On Tula's website, review after review mentions the superlative glow that the sunscreen gives skin, both under makeup and on its own. "Finally, a sunscreen I genuinely enjoy using," writes one person of the invisible feeling and luminous look. Those with acne-prone complexions also love the pore-friendly ingredients, and others with oily skin say it's the ideal consistency to protect without greasiness. More still say it's given competition to their SPF favorites from EltaMD and Supergoop – and given how many celebrity fans those two count, you know the formula is best-in-class.  

"My skin is glowing after using this for two weeks," writes a last reviewer. "It's no longer dull and I look younger. Awesome product!" Try it for yourself before the summer sun really amps up.

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