This Mask Is the Drink of Water My Dry Lips Craved (and It's Only $5 on Amazon Prime)

This Mask Is the Drink of Water My Dry Lips Craved (and It’s Only $5 on Amazon Prime)

Having just spent the weekend snowboarding in Whistler, Canada — which, if you had no idea, is still freezing this time of year — every part of my body hurt. The body part that I didn’t expect to be achy when I returned home was my lips.

Having been exposed to the harsh air that comes with going 25 miles per hour down a mountain, my mouth was tender to the touch, so much so that smearing balms and salves over them only did so much. Fortunately, the Fast Beauty Co. Lip Service! Mask ($5) is a treatment I’ve been saving for a situation like this — when nothing, not even my favorite peppermint-infused lip balm, could do the trick.

I pulled the sleeve open and peeled the slippery white mask from its packaging. I laid it on my mouth. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it had a slit across the middle that allowed me to talk . . . well, mumble. I kept it on for the suggested five minutes. In that time, my lips felt like they were being gently massaged, due to a slight tingle that was similar to that of a mild lip plumper. It made the tenderness of my lips feel like a distant memory. Once I peeled off the mask, my mouth felt softer, and the lines underneath my lower lip where my mouth was most chapped seemed to have disappeared.

The best part was that the mask itself was $5. For soft, moisturized lips, you can’t beat that.

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