Watch 'Jersey Shore' Star Snooki Do Ridiculously Hard-Looking Pistol Squat Burpees

  • Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi just shared an Instagram video of herself doing pistol squat burpees.
  • The intense one-legged move is designed to give your buttt a serious workout.
  • The Jersey Shore star has been doing them since 2015 and adds a pushup.

There’s nothing like burpees to make you feel like a total badass, while completely wearing you out at the same time. Well, Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi just dropped an Instagram video of herself doing a hardcore variation of burpees that’ll make you tired from just watching it.

“I know I’m starting to get into shape when I test my body doing pistol squat burpees,” she wrote in the caption. “Mawma is coming along 💪🏽.” In the video, Snooki stretches a little before getting down to business. Once she gets started, the mom of three is not messing around here with these pistol squat burpees, you guys.

Snooki starts out by doing a one-legged squat, with her other leg straight out in front of her. (Btw, that alone is murder on your thighs.) She then starts to stand up, before diving down onto her hands, with one leg on the ground and other leg still elevated, now behind her. Snooki then does a one-legged push-up, before hopping up and repeating the whole thing again. Um, wow.

People were pretty impressed by Snooki’s workout in the comments. “My trainer can’t even do that!” Snooki’s trainer Anthony Michael joked. “Just tried doing this and fell over 🤣,” another person said. “Goals🔥,” someone chimed in.

In case you’re not familiar with pistol squat burpees, they’re designed to give your booty a serious workout. Throwing in a push-up move, a la Snooki, can also help work your biceps and shoulders.

Snooki has been owning pistol squat burpees for a while now. Back in 2015, she shared her fitness routine with Women’s Health—it included chin-ups, and, yep, pistol squat burpees.

Get it, Snooki!

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