We're Obsessed With Hailey Bieber's Sky Blue Manicure

Hailey Bieber’s Sky-Blue Manicure

Hailey Bieber just wore a vibrant sky blue manicure that is one of Summer’s biggest trends. The 22-year-old model posted her new nail look to her Instagram story, letting it pop against her tangerine dress. The vivid color isn’t quite neon, but bright enough to feed our desire for super saturated polish.

Earlier this season, chief creative officer of Paintbox, Eleanor Langston told POPSUGAR that blue would be one of this Summer’s biggest nail color trends.

“The most modern blues are ones that are softer, such as sky blue, cornflower blue, or even cerulean.” she said. “The gentler blues give your fingertips a seaside vibe that’s really nice for warmer months — and isn’t as jarring as Yves Klein blue.”

Although Bieber didn’t tag any brand or manicurist in the image, there’s still a way to replicate this look. Many of your favorite polish brands like OPI, Zoya, and Revlon make vibrant blue polishes that look almost identical to the mystery one Bieber’s wearing.

Check out the sky blue polishes, ahead.

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