What your stylist wants you know before you go back to the salon in December

How long are your roots right now? How split are your ends? How wonky is your kitchen-scissor-cut fringe?

Thankfully, it shouldn’t be too long until we’re able to back to our hairdressers and get coffees and tiny biscuits and head massages – and have our hair cut, of course.

But before we go back, we should try our best to think of the poor stylists and colourists who’ll be taming our locks.

Taking care of your hair now could be difference between being their favourite client of the day and walking out feeling amazing, to them having to make tough decisions and you not end up with the result you’re after.

We spoke to some haircare experts for their top tips on what you should be doing before you next sit on their chair.

Ava Holland, artistic stylist at Gielly Green

‘Best thing to do before you see your stylist is have a look at images you want to either work towards or have so we have a clear goal. I think it’s great to have a big change as we have more time to play around with it at the moment.

‘You can look on YouTube or follow your hairstylist on Instagram for tutorials and inspiration. It also massively lifts your spirits so I say don’t hold back! 

‘To prepare give your hair a little of your time to do a nice hair treatment once a week – and you could even sleep in it. I recommend Shu Uemura masks. They smell amazing and really do nourish the hair. 

‘Do not cut your own fringe in desperation at the last minute.’


Jeff Buchan, owner of Jeff Buchan Hair and Beauty

‘Instead of over indulging in the Xmas party drink this year, use the three weeks off (Jeff is based in Stirling, Scotland, so lockdown ends later) to over indulge in spending the time on your hair.

‘Have a pamper night in applying Olaplex 0 and 3, getting your hair ready for a fresh 2021.

‘Avoid home colours if possible, but if you do have to use one please let the stylist know what you have used on the hair when booking your next appointment.

‘I would like my clients to know that I am working extended hours on my return prioritising those who were meant to be in Sat 21-12 first.’

Paul Bryan, hairstylist and founder of A Stylist’s Secret

‘Allow an extra 15-20 minutes for your appointment to include a conditioning repair treatment. Central heating dehydrates your hair making it more vulnerable to damage.’


Ricky Walters, celebrity hairstylist and founder of SALON64

‘Step away from the box dye, put the kitchen scissors down and yes bleaching your hair yourself will likely turn it orange! 

‘For those that are losing patience and thinking of servicing your own hair while in lockdown I assure you it is not a good idea!

‘With only two more weeks to go the best thing a client can do is simply be patient until salons reopen. 

‘Our front desks are working flat out to make sure all our clients get the Christmas appointment they deserve and being as flexible on times and dates as humanly possible is always appreciated. Salons are being forced to condense two months’ worth of bookings into just December.

‘Hairdressers love nothing more than a punctual client so arriving 5 mins before your appointment time to allow the hairdresser to check you in safely and securely is a lovely gesture. Especially with our new Covid safety measures. 

‘Over the next two weeks in lockdown look after your hair at home with deep moisturising conditioners and masks. Keeping the hair healthy, clean, and knot free when attending the salon always helps the smooth running of any busy day.’ 

GG, owner of Peach Hair

‘We advise taking the time to look after your hair while in lockdown. Treat it well while you have the down time and reap the rewards when we reopen by going that colour you’ve always dreamed of.

‘We recommend using INNOluxe. It’s like plant food for hair. It feeds your hair by replenishing and strengthening disulphide bonds lost due to chemicals, heat and environmental damage. This leaves your hair feeling softer, while reinforcing the hair’s structure.

‘Oh and plz don’t box dye your hair at home #supportyoursalon.’


Shona Bain, signature colourist at Gielly Green

‘Do your treatments. Being in lockdown is the best time to prepare your hair for colour and repair any damage you may have.

I recommend Philip Kingsley Elasticizer and Olaplex no. 3. Both of these treatments are perfect for at home as you can leave them on all day and your hair hair only needs to be slightly damp to apply. So great if you are working from home and even Zoom meeting proof.  

‘Get inspired, Use this time to look for new exciting ideas. This December after lockdown is a great time to do a colour change and try that new colour you have been thinking about for a while.’

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