The Best Razors to Prevent Burns, Cuts and Irritation

Shaving isn’t fun for anyone (that’s why we have beard culture), but if you have sensitive skin, you know it can be a particular hell. Routinely dragging a blade across your face can cause all sorts of issues (razor bumps, razor burn, cuts) as well as make other problems worse (dryness, breakouts, over exfoliation). For […]

All the Best Beards and Hair From the Golden Globes

If you didn’t watch the Golden Globes after an afternoon of Sunday Night Football, I don’t blame you. But by opting out of one of the biggest awards shows in entertainment—the only one that celebrates both movies and television—you missed some choice grooming lessons. The men of Hollywood always play second fiddle to the ladies, […]

Lady Gaga Dyed Her Hair Blue for the Golden Globes And We're Obsessed

We’ve seen Lady Gaga wear every hair color known to humankind. We’ve even seen her use meat as a hair accessory. But at tonight’s 2019 Golden Globe Awards, the best actress nominee just debuted a jaw-dropping new powder-blue hair color that perfectly matched her Valentino princess gown. The new hair color doesn’t appear to be […]

If You Have Oily Lids, You're Going to Love This Eye Shadow

If You Have Oily Lids, You’re Going to Love This Eye Shadow My lids are pretty oily, so I typically lay down a heavy-duty primer before applying my eye shadow. Without fail, by the end of a long night, my eye shadow will have smudged or have made its way into my creases. But the […]