Ex-Mexico Prez Vicente Fox says El Chapo Should Get Conjugal Visits

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox says even criminals have needs … so he’s down for El Chapo to get down in prison so long as he remains there. Forever. We got Fox at Reagan National Airport Friday and talked to him a little bit about El Chapo … specifically how a judge denied the drug lord’s request to let […]

Janet Jackson Inks Deal With Paradigm

Janet Jackson has inked a deal with Paradigm Talent Agency for global representation. Jackson will be represented by the agency in all areas including touring, theatrical, film, branding and beyond. Jackson was previously tied with William Morris Agency. “Janet Jackson is one of the most iconic and culturally significant artists of all time and we […]

Kareem Hunt Victim Goes Silent After Demanding Charges

The woman Kareem Hunt slammed down and kicked was initially gung-ho to press charges against the then-NFL superstar, but she’s since gone silent … TMZ Sports has learned. As we first reported, the woman repeatedly told Cleveland PD officers who responded to the scene she wanted to press charges. In the bodycam video we posted, […]

Kelsey Grammer and Wife Not Buying Climate Change Report

Kelsey Grammer all but said there’s no need to worry about a potentially catastrophic impact on climate change … ’cause it’s all BS. We got the “Frasier” star leaving a party Saturday night in Brentwood, and wanted to get his take on President Trump holding out at the G-20 summit on signing a deal to tackle climate change.  […]

Corey Taylor Confirms Slipknot To Begin Recording In January

Corey Taylor has confirmed that Slipknot will begin recording their sixth studio album in January. Provoked by a fan’s comment on Twitter that the band would hit the studio only in 2020, the Slipknot frontman tweeted: “No no- 2019. That’s what I said. Recording in Jan. Album out middle of 2019.” Slipknot’s European tour, set […]

Facebook is betting that shows with cult followings like 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' can juice up Facebook Watch and bring in millennial viewers

Facebook has inked a deal with 20th Century Fox to distribute all seasons of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Angel,” and “Firefly” on Facebook Watch. It’s one of the platform’s bigger licensing deals and is a departure from Watch’s goal of commissioning platform-exclusive programs. Facebook’s strategy with Watch continues to change and is looking more like […]

Shaniqua Tompkins: 5 Things To Know About 50 Cent’s Baby Mama

The long-time feud between 50 Cent and his ex, Shaniqua Tompkins is far from over. Here’s what you should know about his ex-flame! 50 Cent, 43, just can’t stay away from the drama. It’s no secret that he’s on bad terms with his ex, and mother of his child, Shaniqua Tompkins, and he slammed her […]