RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: We’re all squawking in a Brexit Blunderland

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: What’s worse than winter wonderlands where reindeer are arthritic donkeys with cardboard antlers? Thanks to our disgraceful politicians, we’re all squawking in a Brexit Blunderland Seventeen years ago, I wrote a novel, To Hell In A Handcart. Part of the action took place at a tacky theme park called Goblin’s, located somewhere in […]

Twitter users share bizarre foods available in different countries

Cheesy hot chocolate, fermented fish heads and COW HOOVES: People from around the world reveal the weirdest delicacies that are eaten in their home countries The Twitter thread began on Wednesday when user @porkironandwine asked people what was the weirdest food available in their country  The tweet received over 500 responses  One German user said that […]

Atlanta woman carrying on George H.W. Bush’s legacy as a "point of light"

ATLANTA — Annie Moore is reclaiming a street corner at the intersection of blight and despair. In Atlanta’s English Avenue neighborhood, she said there are drug deals, prostitution and gambling. “I have a problem with seeing your business on the street,” Moore said. “You have to have respect for your neighbors.” So Moore went to […]

The science behind your urge to squeeze cute babies and animals

Scientists may have found a reason why you can’t stop pinching the cheeks of adorable babies. Researchers at Yale University describe this phenomenon as “cute aggression.” They studied the brains of 52 participants via electrophysiology and found that people has a strong reaction to pets and humans with more infantile features. “The Yale researchers initially […]

Can you see what’s wrong with this traditional Australian breakfast?

Can you spot what’s unusual about this breakfast? Nutritionist, 25, leaves thousands shocked with a snap of her typical morning meal Ellie Bullen is an Australian travel blogger and follower of a plant-based diet The 25-year-old who splits her time between Bali and Byron Bay shared a recipe In the YouTube video she showcases a […]