Fast fashion? Darling, I only wear couture

Fast fashion? Darling, I only wear couture: BARBARA TAYLOR BRADFORD on why the secret of real value is to spend a small fortune on designer outfits — then wear them for ever Novelist Barbara Taylor Bradford has an estimated worth of £200 million She explained why despite her wealth she’s an advocate for ‘slow fashion’ […]

Britain on red alert after warnings of fresh wave of Russian spy attacks

Russian spooks have launched a fresh wave of potentially deadly ­espionage missions across the UK, British security chiefs have warned. A secret memo leaked to the Mirror – and issued to Whitehall bosses – calls for military and intelligence officers to be on high alert for Kremlin spies. MI5 and police intelligence units think Russian […]

When adults try to get babies to smile, ridiculousness ensues

Every single parent has been there. Every. Single. One. Which is precisely what makes this video of a group of adults trying to get babies to smile for a photo so hilarious. The Troyer family was gathered for Thanksgiving at the Newburgh, Indiana, home of Carrye Daum, whose mother was on a “mission to line […]