TVLine's Performer of the Week: Brandon Micheal Hall

THE PERFORMER | Brandon Micheal Hall THE SHOW | God Friended Me THE EPISODE | “17 Years” (Dec. 16, 2018) THE PERFORMANCE | The thing about the TV characters that we warm up to (even over just half a season), is that when they hurt, we hurt too. So when the typically genial Miles Finer turned sour upon […]

‘Mary Poppins Returns’: What Lin-Manuel Miranda Really Wants to Do Is Direct

Lin-Manuel Miranda is a Disney baby. Growing up in Upper Manhattan, he remembers watching the original “Mary Poppins” on a “puffy” white VHS cassette, over and over, losing his mind over “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocius.” Some 30 years later, Miranda found himself on the London Shepperton Studios set of “Mary Poppins Returns” playing Jack the lamplighter, the grown-up […]

'Documentary for the Recently Deceased: The Making of Beetlejuice' Sneak Peek: The History of the Tim Burton Classic

It’s showtime! With a Beetlejuice musical out, it was only a matter of time before a documentary dove into the making of the Tim Burton cult classic. But it will take more than saying “Beetlejuice!” three times to conjure up this documentary. The feature-length documentary, titled Documentary for the Recently Deceased: The Making of Beetlejuice, is currently running a crowdfunding […]

Chris Colombus’ Christmas Tradition Includes Avoiding to Watch His Own Movies

AceShowbiz -Chris Columbus avoids watching his Christmas movies during the festive season. The filmmaker is known for writing classics like “Gremlins” and “The Goonies”, as well as for directing films such as “Home Alone”, “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York”, the first two “Harry Potter” films, and “Mrs. Doubtfire”. While Chris’ movies continue to […]

Chris Hemsworth & Liam Neeson Shine In ‘Men In Black International’ Trailer

The first official trailer for Men In Black International, the spinoff film of the original late ’90s-early 2000s Men In Black series, was finally released on Thursday. The movie features Thor: Ragnarok heartthrob Chris Hemsworth alongside Taken’s Liam Neeson, offering a fresh take on the plot while also paying homage to the classics. Hemsworth plays […]