Andrea Leadsom insists Corbyn is lying about his sexist jibe at the PM

‘He DID say stupid woman’: Commons leader Andrea Leadsom insists Corbyn is lying about his sexist jibe at the PM as Diane Abbott tries to shrug off fury saying ‘nobody knows’ the truth Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn clashed at the last PMQs before Christmas  The PM taunted Mr Corbyn for ‘pantomime’ dithering over no-confidence […]

Ex-Trump social media manager recalls teaching Trump to tweet

I taught Trump how to tweet and it was like ‘the moment in Jurassic Park when Dr. Grant realized velociraptors could open doors,’ says ex-Trump social media manager Justin McConney, the man who taught Donald Trump how to tweet, described the president’s social media evolution to Politico He recalled the sinking feeling when he realized […]

Stunning timelapse shows rolling ‘sea of fog’ blanket a Swiss valley

Stunning timelapse video shows rolling ‘sea of fog’ blanket a Swiss valley with Matterhorn visible in the distance Timelapse was captured overnight on November 17 at the Swiss Valais canton   Famous Alpine mountains such as the Matterhorn and Weisshorn are visible  A photographer caught the enchanting timelapse rolling through a valley A photographer caught an […]

Brother of fanatic who beheaded Scandinavians says he was brainwashed

Brother of Moroccan fanatic who beheaded Scandinavian tourists says he was ‘brainwashed’ by ISIS, as his wife says he refused to get a job even after she miscarried their baby The brother named his killer relative as ‘Younes’ and said he was ‘illiterate’ He said his ‘impressionable’ brother was normal before he became an extremist […]

Death penalty in play for Navy veteran in woman’s death

The death penalty is not off the table for a Navy veteran charged with killing a Virginia woman whose kidnapping inspired the creation of an Amber Alert-like system for missing adults. Eric Brian Brown was arrested last year in connection with the September 2017 kidnapping of 19-year-old Ashanti Billie. Her body was found about 330 […]

Man who shouted abuse and pushed TfL worker towards tracks avoids jail

Construction boss, 44, who shouted homophobic abuse at TfL worker then shoved him towards Tube tracks after being told to stand back from yellow line AVOIDS jail Scott O’Brien, 44, rushed towards Gustavo Gonzalez on Baker Street platform  Mr O’Brien, from Herts, also used homophobic slurs and called worker ‘c***’  He hit Gonzalez with a newspaper before […]

Ex-soldier jailed for crashing his car into two bouncers while drunk

Ex-soldier who drunkenly ploughed into two bouncers in his car after being thrown out of nightclub is jailed for eight months Shailem Dodson, 20, smashed through metal railing in his car in January  Dodson, who was drunk, deliberately drove at bouncers in Bournemouth  He struck club doorman Rafael Zanin and launched him into the the […]