Lip reader reveals what was REALLY said at George H.W. Bush’s funeral

Lip reader reveals what was REALLY said at George H.W. Bush’s funeral between Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama, Mike Pence and Dick Cheney as the country’s most powerful people gathered at the National Cathedral to pay their respects Hillary Clinton told Michelle Obama ‘I am so proud of you’ and ‘I love it’  Dick Cheney […]

John Kelly again rumored to depart White House

White House chief of staff John Kelly is expected to resign from his post in the coming days, according to reports. Two sources familiar with the situation confirmed the news to CNN. The news outlet reported that President Trump and Kelly have ceased all communication in recent days. Trump is trying to work out a […]

Mother and ex-boyfriend jailed for 10 years after baby son died

Mother, 30, who treated her baby son as a ‘fashion accessory’ and her ex-boyfriend, 24, are both jailed for 10 years over the ‘brutal’ death of the three-week-old from a ‘horrific’ head injury Roxanne Davis and ex-partner Samuel Davies have each been jailed for 10 years Stanley Davis died of a skull fracture and brain […]

Israel tells Lebanon and U.N. peacekeepers to destroy attack tunnel

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel told Lebanon’s army and U.N. peacekeepers on Thursday to destroy an attack tunnel it said had been dug by the Iranian-backed Hezbollah movement across the border into Israeli territory, ramping up pressure on its neighbor. Israel’s military said this week it had identified a number of passages and sent diggers and […]

Jeremy Corbyn pleads for cash at party for wealthy Labour donors

Do you still hate the rich, Mr Corbyn? Labour leader pleads for cash at a lavish party thrown for well-heeled donors despite blasting the Tories for being bankrolled by the super-rich Labour leader gave a speech at the lavish Rose Network party Wednesday night Membership of the elite club costs between £1,000 and £5,000 every […]

Facebook could be a ‘threat to democracy’, warns ex-GCHQ boss

Facebook could be a ‘threat to democracy’ unless it is properly controlled and regulated, warns ex-GCHQ boss Robert Hannigan said Facebook is not a ‘fluffy charity’ providing free services He instead said it is trying to ‘squeeze every drop of profit’ out of personal data Former intelligence chief is sceptical about tech giants reforming themselves  […]