3 Women Discovered They Were Dating The SAME Man – Now They’re Road-Tripping Together!

Y’all, this is WILD!

Seven months ago, three women’s lives came crashing to a halt when they discovered they were involved in a major love triangle (or should we say, love heptagon) when they learned their boyfriend was dating SIX women at the same time!

Geez, who has the time…?

Now Abi Roberts, Bekah King, and Morgan Tabor are getting the best revenge ever by becoming BFFs!

Tabor (above, right) was the first to fall for the mystery man, dating him beginning in 2018. While they were together, he met King (left), and they became romantically involved last summer. But during Halloween of 2020, Roberts (middle) also began a relationship with the ever-popular guy! The only problem… none of them knew about each other (or the other three girls)!

That is until December 2020 when Tabor started an investigation after feeling like her relationship wasn’t progressing normally. She quickly connected to Abby and soon after, all six women were chit-chatting about their cheating BF!

What makes this story even better is that instead of going after the love-crazy boy, the girls got the ultimate revenge by becoming besties! Just like Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton in The Other Woman!!

Starting the now Instagram famous account The Bam Bus, Bekah, Abi, and Morgan (AKA B-A-M, or Bam) bought a 30-year-old school bus to travel the country in together! It’s a super cute green color and was renovated by the young women to set the stage for the perfect Hot Girl Summer!

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Talking to Good Morning America about this crazy true story on Friday, Roberts detailed their journey so far, sharing:

“We started in Boise, Idaho, where the whole build-out took place, and then we traveled east through Idaho. We went to some really cool hot springs through Ketchum, which is a beautiful area there. And then we went through the Grand Tetons, which was so much fun. And then we went through Jackson, through Yellowstone. We were just in Bozeman, Montana, and now we’re back near Yellowstone.”

And there’s no real plan — which seems natural given none of them ever intended to become friends with their ex-boyfriend’s girlfriends! (We doubt that’s on anyone’s bucket list!) Tabor chimed in:

“We’re winging it a little bit. Like we have a rough draft route, but we’re open to not following it. Kind of just opportunities and people we meet, we’ll go from there.”

Oh, and rather than use their time together to rant about their slimy ex-beau, the girls are on a mission to empower others! The travel enthusiast continued:

“Something we love to share with everyone, and especially girls who are maybe in a similar situation or going through something, is just to keep your head up. Keep going, you got this!”

Concluding the interview, Roberts couldn’t help but make one last jab at her ex, dishing:

“Surround yourself with people that lift you up and don’t tear you down, because I think that’s what happened with all of us like in our different relationships with the same guy. I think there is a lot of tearing down and it sucks.”

Watch their full interview (below) to get a peek at their blossoming friendship and van lifestyle!

Okay, seriously, we cannot believe this happened IRL!! It would make for such a great movie! Especially considering there are three other women out there — who we hope are having an adventure of their own, too!

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Would you react so calmly if your significant other was caught leading six secret lives? Sound OFF in the comments (below)!

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