A peeling gel for softer and smoother skin, foundation blenders and a satin robe

I got the little Heeta scalp massager we featured last week. It feels amazing on dry hair and is so relaxing, but I didn’t like it as much as a shampoo brush. Maybe I’m just not used to using a product for that. I also got the pink clay cleansing soap for my son to use in the shower. It smells so nice, it has a light non-perfumey scent and I want to steal it from him. Also if you’re looking for an eyelash growth serum I still really like the Lavish Lash that we last featured in September. It worked so well that I barely use it anymore because my eyelashes are almost too long.

A quick programming note, we’re switching to ReviewMeta to analyze review legitimacy on Amazon. Fakespot no longer works in Chrome unless you install the extension. Plus I prefer the way ReviewMeta gives the adjusted rating. I did run some of the ReviewMeta ratings against Fakespot (I had to use a different browser) and they’re very close.

Natural Haitian black castor oil for hair and eyelash growth

Oya told me about this treatment for thinning hair from Black-owned business Kreyol Essence. It’s said to have a pleasant minty smell, to be moisturizing and to really work to help grow hair. ReviewMeta rates it the same as Amazon, as 4.4 stars with 94 ratings. Women write “My hair has grown SO much in such a short time,” “I have been using for a week and already see the difference in the thickness of my hair,” and “After a couple weeks of use my hair was much softer.” It’s so gentle you can also use it on your skin, eyelashes and eyebrows.

An affordable and effective probiotic for digestive health

I’ve been cutting sugar somewhat and notice how much worse I feel when I eat too much of it. I need to start taking probiotics to help heal my digestion. These vegetarian gluten-free probiotic capsules by NewRhythm are on sale for under $14.50 for 60, making them much more affordable than other brands. They have over 7,000 ratings and a very good adjusted ReviewMeta score of 4.3 stars. This probiotic works so well that some people use it to make yogurt. Reviewers write “NewRhythm is the third brand I’ve tried and has worked the best for me,” “It has cleared up [my] eczema in just a month of taking 2-3 pills a day” “I was having bad stomach problems and it vanished after two days of taking these regularly,” and “I have seen a drastic improvement in my digestive system.”

$3 foundation and powder blenders are a dupe for more expensive brands

Just yesterday I reported on Toni Braxton’s Vogue video where she showed her morning makeup application. She used a powder applicator and blender and I wanted to find a cheaper dupe. These powder applicators by Yeotwin are under $3 for six! You get three 3-inch and three 2.3-inch puffs. They have 168 ratings, 4.6 stars and a perfect ReviewMeta score. You can use them for both liquids and powders. Reviewers rave that they’re just as good as more expensive brands and apply makeup quicker with better results. “I was blown away by the smooth, even application of my liquid foundation,” “It cuts my application time in half from a beauty blender, and my makeup is flawless,” and “foundation application has never been so easy.”

A food chopper that’s so easy to clean

I have a vidalia onion chopper like the one above. It saves so much prep time but but food gets stuck in it and it can smell like onions afterwards. When I lived in Germany I had a similar device, but it was so much easier to clean. I looked through so many choppers on Amazon to find one that didn’t have a mandoline (I don’t want to take that risk) but that was easier to clean. I found this one by Sedhoom, which is under $18. It has almost 300 ratings, 4.4 stars and a perfect ReviewMeta rating. Reviewers write that it “The blades are sharp and strong enough to chop a lot of veggies easily,” “it is easy to use and easy to clean,” and “Works great and makes cutting easy.” People say that you have to be careful cleaning it so you don’t cut yourself.

A brightening peel gel that women rave about

Dr. G Brightening Peel Gel is a K-Beauty product with aloe and plant extracts. It smooths and moisturizes skin without the abrasiveness of a scrub. Women with sensitive skin say it’s non-irritating and gives surprisingly great results. This has 1,600 ratings, 4.2 stars and the same adjusted ReviewMeta rating. It’s called “very gentle but still effective.” Reviewers say it “completely helped clear my acne,” that it eliminated “every single dry and dull patch… even my roughest spots feel like baby-skin” and “my over-50 enlarged pores were immediately reduced and hardly noticeable… they have not looked this good since my thirties!”

A comfy satin robe that’s luxurious and affordable

This satin robe by Sioro comes in 22 different colors and patterns and in sizes small to xx-large, with all styles under $19! It would make a great gift for yourself or a friend. These have over 900 reviews and a 4.4 ReviewMeta rating. These robes are called a “Victoria’s Secret dupe,” “beautiful and functional,” “great quality” and “a luxurious robe for an affordable price.” Women also love the deep pockets.

A cut crystal bedside carafe looks fancy AF and is under $20!

This crystal bedside carafe by Godinger would be gorgeous in a guest bedroom. No one will ever know that you spent just $20 on it! This has over 1,100 ratings, 4.7 stars and a perfect rating from ReviewMeta. It technically holds 16 ounces up to the brim, but I would assume it’s more like 12 ounces when you fill it to a reasonable level. It’s called “stunning,” “pretty,” and said to “look expensive.” Some people use it for mouthwash. You’ll want to check the size as it’s not very big.

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