‘Alaskan Bush People’ Spring Baby Brings Ami Brown ‘Back To Life’

Noah Brown and his wife Rhain’s rough patch with his Alaskan Bush People family is over as baby strengthens bond.

One of the first things fans learned about the Alaskan Bush People family is this is one tight-knight brood. Although, like any other family they’ve hit a few rough patches along the way, which is what happened to Noah Brown and his wife Rhain.

It sounds like Noah and his wife had a bit of a falling out with their Alaskan Bush People family members. Today that’s all changed as news that a baby is on the way for Noah and Rhain seemed to put a demise to all the drama.

Ami Brown is beside herself and “over the moon” that she’s going to have a grandchild, which is something she wanted more than anything. A family insider said the up-and-coming birth of Noah and Rhain’s first child has brought Ami back to life, reports In Touch Weekly.

Pending fatherhood has Noah running to his father Billy Brown for fatherly advice, which is strengthening their bond as well. Ami is wasting no time getting into the grandmother mood as she’s already making baby clothes.

Noah and Rhain got hitched in a small ceremony four months ago in Idaho and shortly after that, they announced a baby is on the way. Noah explained Rhain’s pregnancy as it just happened.

Noah said, “We’ve taken another step in the adventure that is our life together. We didn’t try, and we didn’t not try. We figured that we’d just kind of let God and nature take their course and we ended up pregnant.”

The up-and-coming birth of the baby has really brought the family together. This even includes Noah’s sister Rain. She was once furious at her sister-in-law Rhain for taking the same name as she had.

Despite the names being spelled differently, Rain Brown felt slighted that her sister-in-law Ruth changed her name to Rhain. She did that in 2017 and Rain Brown thought Rhain stole her name.

According to reports today, Rain Brown is now fine with Noah’s wife, the baby news even smoothed over her anger about the name change. It’s reported that Rain is now giving her sister-in-law another chance.

While the excitement of a baby on the way has the entire Alaskan Bush People family thrilled, it’s Ami Brown who is over the top about it all. Since the start of the Alaskan Bush People series, Ami has expressed her wish for “grandbabies.”

Now it looks like their inventor son Noah and his wife, Rhain are the first to grant Ami’s wish. The baby is due in the spring of 2019, according to reports.

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