Andy Cohen Confronted a Troll in His DMs and What Happened Was Wild

Like most celebrities and public figures, Real Housewives host Andy Cohen has a lot of trolls lurking in his DMs just waiting to criticize him for something. And while everyone knows that the First Rule of the Internet is never engage with trolls, he went ahead and responded to someone who felt the need to DM him “you should try to be a better person for your son.” Which…WTF, so incredibly rude and unnecessary.

In response, Andy wrote back “what am I doing wrong?” which is where things took an unexpected turn for the conversational. The troll—whose identify Andy obviously didn’t reveal—was clearly shocked to get a reply, and said “oh wow didn’t expect a response. I was just being a troll. You’re doing fine. Sry.”

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Andy continued the conversation from there, saying “I am indeed a real person. Thanks for understanding,” to which the troll responded “It’s so cool that you responded. You probably shouldn’t confront trolls though.” I mean…truly wild.

Anyway, Andy ended the convo with “you probably shouldn’t troll people though” (yep), which the person went ahead and hearted.

Literally no words for this undeniable proof that trolls are simply out here trolling for no reason. As Andy put it best in his caption: “Social media in a nutshell…”

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