‘Big Brother’ Star Kevin Schlehuber Reveals He Is Cancer Free After Surgery

The ‘Big Brother 19’ fan favorite revealed his cancer diagnosis earlier this year.

Big Brother star Kevin Schlehuber got an early Christmas present. The Big Brother 19 fan favorite has revealed that he just got word that he is cancer free after his frightening diagnosis in October. Schlehuber took to Twitter to tell fans that he just received the news from his doctor that his cancer did not spread and he is free of the disease.

“I still have to recover from my cancer surgery, but I can deal with that,” the Big Brother star tweeted.

Kevin Schlehuber revealed that he had to wait 12 grueling days for his test results. The overwhelmed CBS reality star also thanked fans for all of their love and support, adding, “Please understand how much I appreciate you all.”

Ever since revealing his diagnosis in October, Kevin Schlehuber has kept fans in the loop regarding his cancer battle. In November, the reality star’s family posted updates when he was in the hospital for cancer surgery, and last week Schlehuber informed fans that he was home and was able to walk out on his own after having staples and tubes removed from his body.

Schlehuber has vowed to promote cancer awareness and admitted that he feels “humbled” by all of the love and support he has received from Big Brother fans and alumni.

In October, Kevin Schlehuber told fans that he learned he had cancer after a routine checkup. Since that time, many Big Brother alums have supported Kevin both on social media and in person. In November, Schlehuber posted a photo that showed several Big Brother stars, including Season 16’s Donny Thompson and Season 20’s Brett Robinson, supporting him at a cancer awareness event.

Kevin Schlehuber’s positive attitude has been key during his cancer fight. In early November he tweeted, “I want to let everyone Know I’m ready and I WILL BEAT THIS. I was just overwhelmed with the speed of now having cancer! I’d rather it be me than anyone else because I will not lose this battle.”

Big Brother fans fell in love with Kevin Schlehuber, a father of seven, when he competed in the Big Brother house during the summer of 2017. The stay-at-home dad admittedly didn’t know very much about the Big Brother game but managed to stay in the CBS summertime house for an impressive 86 days, landing in fourth place and just missing the season 19 finale for a shot at the show’s $500,000 grand prize.

Big Brother will return in January for a celebrity-themed season hosted by Julie Chen.

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