Blueface Catches Heat for Asking for ‘George Floyd Discount’

Unsurprisingly, his remarks in an Instagram video is quick to spark outrage as fans slam him for the insensitive comments with some people calling him ‘ignorant’ and ’embarrassing.’

AceShowbiz -It seems like Blueface thinks it’s okay to joke about George Floyd, who was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer on May 25. The rapper was under fire after he talked about wanting “George Floyd discount” in a now-deleted Instagram Story post on Saturday, June 5.

Sharing a video of himself while furniture shopping at L.A. Furniture, the 23-year-old could be seen checking out some pricely items. That prompted him to jokingly say, “Aye, y’all tell them to give me that George Floyd discount. I need that Black Lives Matter discount.”

Unsurprisingly, his remarks sparked outrage as fans quickly slammed him for the insensitive comments. “We’re out here rioting and fighting and he laughing Wow,” one critic said.

Meanwhile, another fan wrote, “This not funny. Damn the more WE fight some will water it down with jokes. This not no damn joke, WE AT WAR!! be smart FAMILY.” Another fan criticized him, “Please tell me y’all saw the blueface foolishness he said about a damn ‘George Floyd/BLM discount.’ “

Shading him for the lack of BLM posts on his page, someone said, “Blueface hasn’t utilized his platform at all during this time, but asks furniture store for ‘George Floyd discount.’ ” Calling him “so ignorant,” someone else added, “I knew he was slow.. guess all that lean and drugs disoriented his brain cells… why the f**k would you joke about George Floyd as in a discount? Stupid a** coked out jimmy neutron.”

“Blueface is one disgusting ass human being. How dare you try to get a discount using George Floyd name and because your black and you laughed while saying all of it. Your a pussy bruh and y’all need to cancel his wack ass FRFR,” one comment read. Some others called the rapper “embarrassing.”

Blueface has yet to respond to the backlash.

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