Broke Rob's Wild Spending Exposed: Kardashian Drops Whopping $162K On Clothes!

Poor little rich boy!

While Rob Kardashian told a judge he was broke and couldn’t pay child support for his only daughter, exclusively learned that the reality star was living the high life — including spending $162,000 on clothes alone!

According to an affidavit viewed exclusively by Radar, Rob not only paid thousands on his wardrobe, but also spent more than $37,000 on “entertainment meals,” about $10,000 on security and a whopping $121,040.41 for “personal expenses” in 2017.

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While his attorneys said some money has already been set aside to pay for his taxes, Rob will still be in the hole for about $297,330, which is why the 31-year-old is begging a Los Angeles judge to lessen his $20 K monthly child support payments to baby mama Blac Chyna.

According to the records viewed by exclusively Radar, a judge agreed to suspend Rob’s child support order since May because Rob signed the October 2017 judgement “despite the purported effect on his finances.” Under their agreement, Rob agreed to pay up so that Chyna would agree to drop the restraining order she filed against him. Both then agreed to sign a non-disclosure agreement and a “stay-away” agreement where both promised to stop harassing each other for three years.

Since signing that 2017 judgement, however, Rob said he no longer makes the annual $1 million from his appearances on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and said he earns a mere $50,00 if he does make an appearance on the popular reality T.V. show.

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“It appears to the Court that the Judgment was arrived at by negotiation, with Respondent in full knowledge of his circumstances, and ably represented,” according to a May 10, 2018 minutes. “Discovery should flush out exactly what was known to him and when, and to what extent he is able to control his sources of income. The Court finds Respondent at this time has made a prima facie case for reduction in child support, finds for purposes of this ruling 0 income to Respondent. This income finding is without prejudice to later modification should the evidence support it. Payment of child support under 4(a) of the Judgement is ordered suspended forthwith.”

As Radar readers know, Rob is in such a financial hole that he is back to living with mom Kris Jenner, who also saved his son’s failing sock line, Arthur George. In a February 2018 declaration, Jenner said she acquired 50 percent of the sock line in order to save her son’s business from financial ruin.

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Arthur George made about $1.5 million in total revenues in 2017, but only netted $148,000 minus various expenses and taxes, according to the court documents.

Rob’s attorneys said since Chyna is currently making more on average per month than Rob, the model should actually pay Rob $2,864 per month in child support.

According to an affidavit filed by Chyna, the model earned an average of $60,859 per month. Of that income, $40,059 per month is from self-employment through her Lashed business. Chyna also made $20,800 per month from her clothing line, 88 Fin, Inc., according to the affidavit.

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Chyna indicated that she has a five-person household consisting of her daughter Dream, her son King, as well as a personal assistant and and a house keeper which added up to $80,625 per month in expenses. About $23,300 of that was paid by “others,” Klein said.

“Although Angela (Blac Chyna) did not indicate the specific third-party paying such expenses, it is my understanding that she receives child support for her son King from King’s father, rapper Tyga,” said Samantha Klein in a Feb. 22, 2018 affidavit. Klein added they did not get “sufficient supporting records” to verify the accuracy of Chyna’s finances, so they served the model with a post-judgement discovery request for an order.

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While Rob waits for a decision on whether or not a judge will agree to lower his monthly child support payments, Rob was also ordered to pay $25,000 to pay for Chyna’s legal fees. In order to pay part of those legal bills, Rob agreed to return any jewelry gifted to him by Chyna.

“My financial situation remains unchanged from the Feb. 22, 2018 declaration,” Rob wrote in an April 30, 2018 declaration. “I cannot afford to pat the child support in court current orders. My 2017 income taxes have not been paid because I do not have sufficient funds. I owe more than $200,000. I will of course continue to support our daughter, but I can only do so at an amount which is consistent with what I actually earn.”

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