Cardi B's Fans Are Ripping Offset Apart for Saying He Misses Her After He Cheated

Last week, Cardi B made it known that she and husband Offset are no longer together. Then, the internet did what it does best and figured out the relationship ended because he cheated on her. So, when he tweeted this weekend about missing her, Cardi’s fans basically decided to rip him apart.

He kept it simple, writing “FUCK YALL I MISS CARDI.”


Which almost made it sound like he was placing the blame on other people…which is, hm, questionable. People obviously had plenty to say. Not only are there 25,000 replies to the original tweet, but Twitter users are now quote-tweeting it and adding their two cents. It’s been retweeted 125,000 times.

Basically, people are unanimously saying “cheaters ain’t shit.”

You wasn’t saying all that when you was setting up threesomes with X, Y, and Z. Now sit in timeout and hush

yall hear sumn


You should change your name to upset

this is so…..pathetic….and utterly disgusting……imagine being a fucking compulsive cheater and trying to guilt trap the whole internet. desperate

And they’re making jokes about the nature of the tweet.

When I lose my third pair of air pods

And I miss one direction you ain’t special

Sir this is a McDonald’s

And they’re quoting Cardi’s own lyrics to shut Offset down.

“I like texts from my exes when they want a second chance”

She told you to be careful with her

Wow. It’s so heartwarming to see the internet rallying around something they believe in, you know?

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