Casey Anthony Has P.I. Firm But Cannot Legally Be a P.I.

Casey Anthony is the owner of a new private investigation company but she’s not legally allowed to privately investigate.

Here’s the deal … Anthony just opened her own P.I. company in West Palm Beach — Case Research & Consulting Services, LLC — but state officials tell us she hasn’t even filed for a P.I. license in Florida, so she can’t legally do any investigating herself.

It’s possible Casey’s intention was to hire legit private eyes to work for her … but if she wants to put in her own work as a P.I., she’s got to navigate some hoops and hurdles.

Casey’s gotta get a Class C license to work as a private eye in Florida, a lengthy process requiring 2 years of training, a background check and a state exam.

As you know, it’s been nearly a decade since Casey was acquitted in the death of her daughter, Caylee … and state officials tell us they would need to review her criminal history to determine if she’s even eligible for the Class C license.

For now, Casey’s gotta be hands-off and essentially act as the figurehead at her company … because unlicensed P.I. work could lead to fines or criminal penalties.

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