Clare Crawley And Dale Moss May Be Ready To Start A Family

We know The Bachelorette‘s Clare Crawley and Dale Moss’ relationship has been on a super-sped up timeline. First, they fell in love and got engaged on their season of the ABC reality love show mere weeks after meeting. Then, the 39-year-old long-single Crawley called Moss her husband, although she later admitted it was a “slip of the tongue” and the couple is not yet wed.

Now, the insta-duo is sharing their openness to starting a family together, a topic they admittedly have not shied away from in the past either. The lovebirds recently took part in a challenge called TikTok “It’s Tricky (This or That).” The premise? Basically phrases are placed at the top of the screen, and participants walk or dance or sashay under the one they choose (via Cosmopolitan).

Crawley and Moss eased into their challenge with topics like “Go out,” or “Stay in,” and “Sweats,” or “Dress up.” It was cute to see what each picked, but when “Babies,” or “Babies,” popped up, which way did they go?

Do both Clare Crawley and Dale Moss want babies?

Of course, when the topic of babies came up, Crawley playfully danced to one side, and then pulled Moss with her. It’s not as if he could have picked another answer, though! But soon, Moss posted a video of the challenge to his Instagram, captioning the exercise, “Just having a little fun @clarecrawley.” So clearly, he isn’t afraid to advertise his interest in building a real future with Crawley.

Meanwhile, Crawley shared her desire to have kids before the TikTok challenge. “I talk about babies all the time and he’s like, ‘Yeah, that’s what I want,'” the reality star admitted during a Bachelor Happy Hour podcast (via Us Weekly). She added, “I’ll remind him of things all the time, you know, ‘I’m not getting any younger!’ I’ll say things like that, and he’s like, ‘You think I don’t know this? Yeah, let’s do this.'”

About how many children they want, Moss noted, “so many babies.”

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