Duchess Meghan will watch a special livestream of Prince Philip’s funeral

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have seemingly taken pains to not directly criticize the Queen or Prince Philip in their public statements, whether it was Harry’s interview with James Corden or their interview with Oprah. I tend to believe that Meghan has a lot of fondness for the Queen, but she probably didn’t get to know Philip that well. I mean, when would she have had the time to get to know Philip? He was already mostly retired when she joined the Firm. But even though she didn’t know him well, she would have loved to attend his funeral, at least according to E! News:

Let the record show that Meghan Markle would’ve attended Prince Philip’s funeral were she not too far along in her pregnancy with Prince Harry’s second child, a baby girl. A source close to the Duchess of Sussex exclusively tells E! News, “Meghan wishes she could have flown to the U.K. to support her husband but has been advised not to due to her pregnancy.”

“She would have put all the family tension aside to be there with Harry,” the insider continues, before adding that the couple “are still not on amazing terms with the family.”

But Harry’s trip to the U.K. comes at an opportune time, according to the source, as it’s allowed him and Prince William to continue “working on their relationship” after an apparent fallout.

Moreover, the insider says, “Harry wants to make sure Meghan and the baby are healthy and not involved in stressful situations,” such as the very public funeral of Queen Elizabeth II’s husband.

And though Meghan and Harry want to make amends with the royal family, the insider says, “They have been focused on their new roots in Montecito and the pregnancy,” which comes after the Duchess suffered a miscarriage last July.

[From E! News]

Yeah, I think if she had only been a few months along in her pregnancy, she probably would have flown in with Harry and maybe even brought Archie or something. Who knows. Apparently, British outlets claim that Meghan will definitely watch the live-stream of Philip’s funeral too:

Pregnant Meghan Markle will reportedly make ‘private arrangements’ to honour Prince Philip as she is not able to attend his funeral. Buckingham Palace confirmed that loved ones who cannot make it to the funeral will make ‘private arrangements’ to remember the Duke of Edinburgh, The Sun reports.

Meghan will also be able to watch the funeral on a special live stream, reports say. Mourners who cannot attend because of the 30-guest Covid limit on funerals will be handed log-in details for this stream.

[From The Daily Record]

She could watch the special live stream… or she could just watch BBC America or CNN or something, I’m sure it will be carried live on several TV channels. I’m sure there are tons of live streams too, at least that’s what I’m counting on.

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