Eamonn Holmes in traffic hell during break away with wife Ruth after ‘serious accident’

Eamonn Holmes discusses his 'witty lines' on Gogglebox

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Eamonn Holmes, 61, has spoken out on his worry as he and Ruth Langsford headed on a break away today. The This Morning host shared how the couple were currently stuck in standstill traffic after a “serious accident” had occurred on the M25.

Eamonn typed on Twitter: “Why didn’t I stay in the back garden? M25. Clockwise from South Mimms.”

Alongside his post, he shared a photo of the gridlock occurring on the motorway as joyous Brits hoped to enjoy a day out in the much-needed sunshine.

Despite his annoyance at their current situation, the star admitted he was more concerned over the wellbeing of animals being kept in horseboxes as the weather began to heat up.

He continued: “No movement for at least an hour.

“If we are hot my concern really goes to the animals in various horse boxes behind us. 

“This has to be a serious accident that has happened ahead.  #M25 clockwise post South Mimms towards Dartford.” (sic)

In response, his fans also shared their travel woes as they attempted to enjoy a weekend away.

One commented: “Yep! We are stuck clockwise too. Not moved for almost 45 minutes.”

A second replied: “It took us 9 hours to get home from Cornwall yesterday various crashes and a lorry fire on the M5/M4.”

While a third said: “I’m about 4 cars behind you and that was my thought!”

A fourth remarked: “Junction 25-26 owing to a car on fire – CLOSED.”

It comes as the dad-of-four addressed his fans yesterday and thanked them for their support during his and Ruth’s first week back on This Morning.

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Talking to the camera, whilst on the backseat of a chauffeur-driven car, he said: “Hello there, good morning to you. I’m on my way to work today and it’s a gorgeous sunny day.

“And a gorgeous sunny day makes me feel very happy, mostly very happy that we are back on This Morning this week and we’d just like to thank everybody who has made it such a pleasure for Ruth and I in welcoming us back.

“So, after today it will be one week gone, six more to go. And we can’t guarantee the weather will be there, like this, throughout the run but we certainly will be and what we need is your company. 

“So, however your Friday shapes up, I hope it’s a good one, I hope the sun shines on you over the weekend and you get to enjoy it.”

He finished the video by adding: “Thanks for watching, see you from 10 o’clock this morning and indeed next week for the next six weeks after that!”

Fans loved the clip but many asked why he was travelling alone. “Lovely having you back. You and Ruth have such great banter. Do you and Ruth travel separately?” one asked.

Indeed, the couple do commute separately, with Ruth explaining the reason to Platinum Magazine last year. “We tried going together once and it was an absolute nightmare because he made me half an hour late,” Ruth explained at the time.

“He was saying, ‘What do you need to be in at 8am for?’ He’s a ship-up-10-minutes-before kind of guy. That’s where we are absolutely on opposite ends of the scale.”

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