Farrah Abraham: Defends Donald Trump … By Deleting Her Twitter?

Farrah Abraham is exactly the sort of person who should probably just steer clear of politics entirely.

She takes pride in her ignorance and her tribal allegiances, and even though she almost certainly coulsn’t tell you many branches are in the US government, she feels very, very strongly that her opinions about current events ore objectively correct.

So it should come as no surprise that she’s a diehard supporter of Donald Trump.

It’s anyone’s guess as to why Farrah loves Trump so much.

We highly doubt that she could tell you a single one of his policy positions, so maybe she’s just doing it to stir up controversy.

Or maybe she likes that he’s a former reality star, and she thinks of herself as a future president, just like Ivanka.

Hell, maybe someone told her that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, so she assumed she’d been assigned a political party at birth!

Whatever the case, Farrah is all-in on the Donald.

It’s interesting, because Farrah usually chooses the path of least resistance (well … except oin her adult film career. Zing!).

So backing a president that just got impeached for the second time is very out of character.

Farrah is especially pissed about Trump being banned from Twitter.

In fact, she’s so outraged that she’s vowed to delete her own account.

“ByeTwitter if a social platform abuses its power, silences voices, and does this to a world leader – I’m not supporting or wasting further time on the corrupt privately held platform,” she tweeted this week.

“Wrong is wrong, no spit, hate, or lies make this action ok #TheEnd #twitter @TwitterSafety.”

We’re guessing Farrah meant “spite” instead of “spit”?

Anyway, don’t waste too much time trying to figure that one out, as there’s more word salad to come,

 “@Twitter & all at #twitterhq I hope you recognize as a privately held company showing your deleting a world leader’s account, silencing authentic and real works in history shows the world how insignificant Twitter is as you choose to be one-sided, open to eliminating all voices,” Ms. Abraham continued.

It’s strange that Farrah chose to highlight the fact that Twitter is a private company, which is an argument that most people use in favor of their right to ban users who violate their terms of service.

We wouldn’t waste our time trying to explain concepts such as private ownership to Farrah.

Sure, it’s an idea most 4-year-olds can grasp, but this is Farrah Abraham we’re talking about.

Fortunately, for our entertainment and yours, several other people did try to point out the flaws in Farrah’s argument.

And others just roasted her for announcing her intention to quit Twitter, instead of just quitting Twitter.

“It’s all for show. If she was serious she would have actually deleted it like she said,” oner person wrote.

“The doors over there. This isn’t a job, you don’t have to five two weeks notice,” another added.

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“So you giving up all social media because he was kicked off Instagram and Facebook too. How will you make money without these? Lol,” a third chimed in.

Folks, we don’t want to mane any assumptions about your political beliefs, but surely we can all agree that what this country needs going forward is unity.

In that spirit, we hope everyone can agree that people who announce they’re quitting a social media platform instead of just doing it are beyond lame.

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