Former Love Island star details show secrets including the racy audition process

A former Love Island star has dished all the dating show's secrets, including the incredibly racy audition process.

A sexy new set of singletons looking for romance are set to descend on the new Mallorcan mansion when the ITV series returns to screens on 6 June.

However, AJ Bunker, who appeared on season seven of the show, has now spilt the beans on all the behind-the-scenes secrets, from the "agonising wait to see if you've made it to the show" to why contestants wear sunglasses in bed.

AJ explained that producers would boldly ask if they had had sex on television during the audition process, and she answered "no" because she didn't want to be "executed by her priest or mum".

She was also quizzed about her dating tactic, admitting to The Sun: "They asked how I would catch a guy's attention – I said I would approach him because in my eyes, you've got to risk it for a chocolate biscuit."

AJ noted that she was eventually chosen for the show "based on my personality because I don't mind chatting up a guy even if he was attached".

Following the show, hopeful contestants are flown out to Majorca even if they are not guaranteed a spot on the show.

While she waited to find out if she had made it onto the show, she stayed in her own villa for three and a half weeks but knew "loads of people were flown back [to the UK]".

Once she made it inside, AJ said producers would give stars a "push" to chat to who they fancied and even told them what parts of the garden to sit in.

There are also no clocks in the mansion, with evictions being filmed "late at night" because Spain would not get dark until late in the evening.

Admitting that her body clock struggled, AJ went on to explain that everyone was "woken by a massive, bright light" in the mornings, which forced them to wear shades in bed.

"It's not because no one has any make-up on, it's because we've all just been blinded by that brutal light," she said.

Contestants are also not seen eating on the show to avoid viewers hearing them chewing.

AJ added: "But you're not allowed to chat about anything to do with the villa because they want to save all that for the cameras."

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