Gayle King Reveals How Much She Weighs & How Much She Gained During Quarantine

CBS News’ Gayle King has revealed how much weight she gained during COVID-19 lockdowns.

The 65-year-old journalist posted a photo of her weight on the scale at 172.2, and photos of how much she has weighed in the past.

“CRISIS! The weight struggle is real! fatter than I’ve been in long time .. & scared to get a pedicure (big sigh) swipe left for the way we were …ideal weight says Dr is 163… not happening anytime soon .. blaming corona quarantine & Halloween candy corns I just bought ! Make it stop!,” Gayle posted on Instagram.

Gayle received a ton of comments from fans and celebs on the post with words like, “Queen Gayle 😍 As Long as you’re healthy and feel good! Based on recent pics you look *amazing*” and “I just say throw the whole scale away and live your best life… until RONA bust a move outta the world!”

Andy Cohen wrote, “A. You have pretty feet. B. I’m in the same boat. Can’t stop eating ice cream,” while Ava DuVernay posted three fist bump emojis.

Meanwhile, a few months back during the lockdown, Gayle reunited with her celeb bestie after negative Coronavirus tests!

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