Gene Simmons Is Once Again Being Sued For Sexual Battery

Let’s be honest, there should be several ongoing lawsuits between Gene Simmons and whatever plastics factory is responsible for that hair. But right now he’s got one lawsuit and it’s serious. TMZ is reporting that Gene Simmons is currently being sued by a woman who alleges he touched her inappropriately at his Rock & Brews restaurant.

According to the lawsuit, filed by a Jane Doe, the incident happened in 2016. The woman was working as a dishwasher at one of the 18 Rock & Brews locations across the US and Mexico. Gene Simmons came into her specific Rock & Brews one day. Jane alleges that Gene’s manager and some of her coworkers encouraged her to take a picture with him. She says Gene’s manager encouraged her to stand closer to Gene, and when she did, he reached over and “forcefully” put his whole hand on her crotch.

Jane Doe claims that she tried to get Gene to stop, but the picture had been taken with evidence of the groping. She showed the picture to her coworkers. The lawsuit also alleges that wasn’t the only instance of Gene turning their Rock & Brews into a Barf & Ew. Jane claims that Gene acted “sexually charged” during his visit, like touching women’s hands and encouraging some to unbutton their shirts. Pitchfork took a look at Jane Doe’s lawsuit, and they add that Gene also kept touching the women’s hair. Gene’s lawyer can argue that maybe he wanted to feel what real hair felt like.

Jane is seeking a trial by jury, and an unspecified amount of damages. When reached for comment, neither Gene nor his rep had anything to say. Gene Simmons has been married to Shannon Tweed since 2011, and together since 1983.

This also isn’t the first time Gene has been sued for sexual battery. Last December, another Jane Doe sued Gene and claimed he touched her inappropriately during a radio interview, turned questions into sexual innuendoes, and placed his hands on her butt while taking pictures. That Jane Doe later settled out of court.

The current Jane Doe’s lawsuit is a huge bummer, but it’s especially bad when you remember she works at Rock & Brews. It’s bad enough to spend your shifts hearing KISS ringing in your ears without having to worry about a surprise visit from Creepy Gene himself.


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