Halsey & BTS Dance It Out In Colorful New Video For ‘Boy With Luv’ — Watch

Pop-star Halsey & K-pop group BTS are both at the height of their music careers and together — they’re unstoppable!

The BTS Army is truly blessed today. The K-pop group announced their collaboration with Halsey, 24, earlier this week and the joint video has finally arrived. Together, the pop singer and K-pop superstars teamed up for a cross-genre collab for the ages, and the video is E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. In the clip for “Boy With Luv”, the guys from BTS rock various different outfits as they dance around different colorful backgrounds. Eventually, Halsey joins them to sing her verse, and she even gets down with some of the famous BTS choreography in one scene!

The colorful visual arrived after the two artists teased the video and sent fans into a full-blown frenzy. “Halsey and BTS entering 2019 with a collab knowing damn well they are Going to bring the locals and kpopies together and shut us all down 😌😜😍😊😃,” one person excitedly wrote after learning of the collab. While this is the first time BTS has linked up with Halsey, they have been know to delve into some wild cross-genre collabs in the past, including one with Steve Aoki, and another with rapper Nicki Minaj.

Of course, BTS fans are well aware that the song contains an Easter egg. Some elements of the choreography seen in the clip mimics that of their 2014 track with a similar title, “Boy In Luv.” This video is a true gift for day one BTS fans!

Perhaps fans shouldn’t be entirely surprised that the two artists linked up, seeing as they’ve actually been friends for a while! “I think we both have this conceptual thing that we really like to do so it could be cool to find some kind of bridge that is really good for my MO,” Halsey said when speaking to Heat, according to Metro. “Something that signifies the whole thing together. They were so inspirational to me when I was making Hopeless Fountain Kingdom because I’ve been on BTS for a really long time,” she added.

“Boy With Luv” marks the first song off the guys new album, Map of Soul: Persona. The Korean group are set to make their Saturday Night Live debut on April 13.

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