Here’s How Nicole Richie Maintains Her Glowing Complexion

The style and fashion guru dishes on how she maintains her perfect complexion.

As a fashion designer, author, actress, and media personality, there are a lot of things Nicole Richie is known well for. Among them is her golden creamy skin complexion. As her 4.2 million Instagram followers know, Richie frequently shares photos that showcase her glowing skin.

Fortunately for her fans and followers who desire that creamy complexion, Nicole has recently spilled her secret.

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, the actress recently launched her own brand – Honey Minx – that revolves around easy and convenient pampering. Richie isn’t just peddling this new brand as a new business venture – she uses it. Moreover, she’s particularly fond of her 24K Manuka Honey Facial Mask

“This is a very special mask and I don’t share this one with anybody,” she dished in a video shared by Yahoo Lifestyle.

According to Nicole, the use of this mask just a few times a week is her secret to that creamy complexion her fans and followers obsess over.

“The gold face mask feels and smells so good. This is for somebody who’s into skin care; maybe they wear a lot of makeup or they want to do something healing for their skin. If they’re traveling, that’s a really good mask to travel with,” Richie continued to explain in the video.

Infused with 24-karat gold, the facial mask is listed at $48.

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@Honey_Minx is here! I am SO excited to show you all this line & these shoppable videos. Each piece is so special, & the entire collection’s focus is around making everything perfect for holiday gifting. Click on the link in my bio for a wild time. #honeyminx #stylenowwith

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“With pure 24K gold to help firm and illuminate skin along with moisture-binding properties of hyaluronic acid and soothing manuka honey, this age-defying peelable mask delivers deep hydration, antioxidant protection, and a youthful, radiant glow,” the description of the facial mask reads on the listing.

During the video, Richie opens up about the importance of a proper skin care routine. According to the actress, purchasing the right facial cosmetics is only half the battle if you do not have a proper routine to take care of her skin.

She explained: “I take a shower every night, right before I go to bed. I have an entire skin care routine that consists of a face wash, a toner, a mask, lotion and face oil.”

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Who was thankful to sleep in on #Thanksgiving? We are wearing #HoneyMinx satin sleepwear all day long!

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Richie also revealed that more than just cosmetics and face washing going into her routine. She also adds a dash of comfort and self-pampering. When she steps out of the shower she puts on a pair of “cute pajamas” followed by her robe. The full circle of her routine is why her Honey Minx brand includes robes, sleep masks, pajamas, and satin pillowcases in addition to cosmetics.

“I can’t think of somebody who doesn’t want to unwind and feel good and look gorg at the end of the night. I don’t know who that person is,” Richie added toward the end of the video as she explained her decision to include items beyond the expected cosmetics in her pampering and luxury brand.

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The Jordan Sleep Set is all you truly need in life. The 3rd episode of #StyleNowWith @NowWith premieres NOW and shop #HoneyMinx from right within the show! @nicolerichie @workingsundays

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Nicole has created an Instagram account for her Honey Minx brand which has accumulated just shy 7,000 followers. Her 17 posts spotlight a combination of products from her line and her perfect complexion.

“I’m going to help you look like a super model,” she revealed in a video clip she posted recently on the account.

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