Here’s The Kardashian-Jenner You’re Most Like, Based On Your Love Life

Who are you? What is the meaning of life? There are plenty of important philosophical questions out there, but the most important has simply got to be, "which Kardashian-Jenner are you most like?" Now, there are plenty of ways to determine which Kardashian sister you’re most like. Are you super into photography like Kendall? Are you really into makeup like Kylie? Are you interested in law like Kim? Are you trying to become a lifestyle guru like Kourtney? Maybe you’re on your way to becoming a fashion mogul like Khloé.

But the most fun way to determine who you’re most like, in my opinion, is based on your love life. In other words, scroll through the list below, and see which identifier sounds the most like you. From there, I’ll tell you which Kardashian you’re most like. Like, for example, are you a total hopeless romantic? OK, then you’re definitely a Kim. Are you the one who settled down before all the rest of your friends? Then you’re a total Kylie. Would you be totally fine being single forever? Then you’re 10/10 a Kourtney. And, of course, if you’ve got some Samantha Jones like tendencies, you’re lucky enough to call yourself a Kris.

You’re a hopeless romantic.

Love falling in love? Then you’re definitely the most like Kim. Not only has Kim been married more times than any other member of the Kardashian-Jenner squad, she’s been very open about her unwavering faith in love. Like, as in, she literally told People back in 2011: "I believe in love, always.”

And, yes. She obvi believes in soulmates. "I think you have different soulmates throughout your life, that your soul needs different things at different times," she once told Cosmopolitan UK. "I do believe in love. I will always believe in love, but my idea has changed from what I’ve always thought."

You’re Miss Independent.

Don’t need a man to make your life complete? Then you’re probs most like Kourtney.

Yes, she’s in a relationship with Travis Barker now. But, throughout the final season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kourtney maintains that she is *more* than fine flying solo. Like, for example, when Khloé asked if she wants to be dating anyone and Kourt literally said, "I don’t. I really don’t."

You’re the Samantha of your friend group.

You, my friend, are none other than Kris Jenner. Please look no further than this video of Kris raving about her sex life for all the proof you need on this matter:

You’re always either on or off again.

Khloé and Tristan Thompson have quickly become the Ross Gellar and Rachel Green of the Kardashian-Jenner family, which makes you the Khloé.

Khloé knows what it’s like to get back together with an ex after a messy split and she’s even familiar with the judgment that can come along with that sort of reunion. During a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloé revealed the outside input is the only thing putting a damper on her relationship these days. "When all this outside noise is not around me, we are great," she revealed. "Tristan and I operate fine, we have fun together, it’s enjoyable, it’s easy."

So, next time people are giving you shade for getting back together with your ex again, try channeling your inner Khloé and follow your heart.

You settled down early.

OK, maybe you didn’t have a child with your partner, who just so happens to be a famous rapper, at the ripe age of 20 like Kylie did.

But, if you’re the type who couldn’t wait to get to the making babies/starting a family part of life, you’re probs the Kylie of your friend group.

You like to explore your options.

Remember when Kendall responded to a hater who accused her of being "passed around" by NBA players with this iconic tweet?


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