Holly Willoughby: ‘She looks constantly beautiful’ Phillip Schofield gushes over co-star

Holly Willoughby, 38, is riding high as Phillip Schofield, 57, has gushed over his This Morning and Dancing On Ice co-star.

The pair celebrated 10 years of working together on ITV breakfast show This Morning this year and revealed their best memories and favourite guests.

When asked what was their all-time favourite moment over the past 10 years, he kicked off the interview by saying: “Oh wow, that really is very difficult.

“I think probably the aftermath of the night after the NTAs,” he said, recalling the year when the duo appeared on the breakfast show still dressed up from the awards show and looking a little worse wear.

There’s nothing that we’ve done since and nothing in my entire career prior to that where either of us have been in that state live on TV

Phillip Schofield

“There’s nothing that we’ve done since and nothing in my entire career prior to that where either of us have been in that state live on TV,” he laughed.

“It was the fact that Holly was still wearing the same dress, it was the fact that she got piccalilli stains all down it.”

“Holly looks constantly beautiful, so when she’s looking dishevelled, in a beautiful frock and covered in piccalilli then that was probably one of my most favourite moments,” Phillip recalled.

Holly added: “My favourite moments are probably when we get somebody on who’s really nervous and it’s normally a real life story, and they come on and then they say ‘I’m telling you my story because I really trust you’.

“I think that is the biggest compliment anyone can give.

“I think that’s what This Morning is all about really isn’t it? You want people to feel like we are your friends on screen, and that you’re not on your own and that we are there with you.”

The pair are self-proclaimed besties with Phil describing her as “like the sister I never had”.

They have made a huge impression on daytime TV with their on-screen chemistry and infectious laughter.

With a whopping 11 awards under their belts for This Morning, it’s clear fans certainly love watching the nation’s favourite duo.

Thinking back to his favourite memory with Holly, Phil recalls how his bestie got them lost in Portugal after one of their traditional family holidays.

“It was pitch black and we were using our phones as torches. We were a little worse for wear and we were essentially lost in the Portugese woodlands for quite some time, all of us.

“I think it’s the fact that it’s very relaxed. We hardly ever talk about telly, we talk about families or what are we going to do on the day or what are we going to eat or drink or playing with the kids in the pool. They are very relaxed lovely lovely summers.”

Holly reiterated: “Holiday’s are really nice because you’re both really relaxed and it’s different because all of our families are together, everyone really likes spending time with him [Phil] as well because they know Mummy goes to work with him so it’s nice for them.”

“You know they’ve grown up seeing him loads. I think there isn’t one stand out memory it’s just nice, real time together.”

This Morning airs weekday mornings from 10.30am on ITV.

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