Homes Under The Hammer’s Martin Roberts talks financial concerns: ‘I’m the breadwinner’

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Martin Roberts, 57, has spoken on the difficulty of being the “breadwinner” after his career came to a stop during the recent lockdown. The star could not film any of his hit show Homes Under The Hammer once  the tough social distancing restrictions came in to place.

They stopped

Martin Roberts

He exclusively told “Early on I decided to focus on things I could do. Everything that I do, stopped. 

“So you know, I do Homes Under The Hammer, that stopped. I do property training courses, which is often people getting in a room. And I do holiday lets, and they stopped. 

“Also I do property renovations and things like that. For a while, they stopped and then when they resumed you couldn’t get the basic necessities like plaster. 

“So you know everything I was doing came to a halt,” he added.

This brief pause in his career left the usually busy TV star feeling concerned about how he would support his family.

He continued: “That was a bit concerning, very concerning, I’m the only breadwinner in our family and I’ve got two young kids, so I had a panic as most people did for a while. 

“I’m self-employed, and you just get on and do what you can.”

However, instead of letting the disruption prevent him from working, the property expert found new ways to fill his time, including the creation of his YouTube channel.

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Need your help to know if I’m on the right lines with my DIY videos for adults and kids. Trying something new with this one. Putting up a garden fence. Do you like the style? Is is helpful? Should I make more? Or should I stick to property advice only?

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He began by making videos in his back garden showing how to do DIY projects for viewers at home.

The star explained: “So one of the things I have been trying to do is get my YouTube channel up and running. It’s great and I’m really really proud of it. 

“I started thinking, let me do some stuff that I know about, so I started doing the property stuff, and then I thought I should do some DIY stuff, so I started doing some DIY projects and I thought oh hello why don’t I do DIY projects for kids.

“It’s actually been really lovely because my dad taught me a lot about DIY, I use to do it with him.”

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Martin’s channel features hilarious videos of common household issues and how to fix them appropriately.

In a recent clip, the property guru attempted to fix an initial towel rail leak, but in doing so, he ended up with multiple issues.

The DIY guru then tweeted his followers urging them to watch the video if they needed cheering up on a “tough Monday” as the humorous antics ensued.

In the video, Martin can be seen playing himself and fictional character, Wise Alec.

Martin demonstrated how he tried to initially fix the leak by tightening it with his spanner, however, Wise Alec continued to offer him advice.

He said: “I’m just trying to fix this towel rail, there’s been this horrible leak, so all I was trying to do is tighten this bit here with my spanner which I did successfully. However, in doing that, this one here has started leaking!”

Wise Alec interjected: “You should have wiggled it. You should have wiggled it in the first place.”

Martin continued: “If you thought that bit was complicated, look at this bit. You have got this bit which is connected to that bit which is connected to this bit. Guess which parts of them actually move, all of them!” 

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