Howard Stern Says F*** Those Who Won't Get a COVID Vaccine

Howard Stern laid it all out on the table … f*** everyone who refuses to get a COVID vaccine.

Stern went on a rant this week, arguing vaccines should be mandatory. He railed on the holdouts, in particular 4 radio DJs who refused to get the shot and ended up dead. He bristled that one who expressed regret he didn’t get the vaccine … expressed it on his death bed.

Robin chimed in … she has trouble drumming up compassion for those who refuse to take precautions and help themselves.

As Howard says, schools have required measles, mumps, polio shots, and on and on, so what’s the difference?

His parting words “When are we gonna stop putting up with the idiots in this country. F*** em, f*** their freedom. I wanna be free to live.”

As for the things Howard wants to do … well, you gotta listen.

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