Jacob Batalon new look: Spiderman actor has undergone amazing weight loss transformation

Spiderman actor Jacob Batalon has wowed fans after he posted a selfie showing that he has undergone massive weight loss.

Batalon became an instant hit with fans of the Tom Holland series of Spiderman movies for his role as Ned Leeds, the lovable friend and confidante of Peter Parker.

However, a few days ago, Mr. Batalon surprised everyone when he took to Instagram to post a mirror selfie of himself looking incredibly sleek and slender.

The Hawaii-born actor was celebrating his 24th birthday on the day he posted, and he chose this day to reveal to fans how he’s lost an amazing amount of weight.

He captioned the pic: “Don’t try to get at me..imma be vibin all day??????cheee?by the way, while I appreciate the concern, people can stop telling me to lose weight now.”

Quickly, fans commented on his new look, clearly surprised because he has been active on social media and did not previously reveal his weight loss efforts.

Jacob Batalon’s new look has received lots of praise

Batalon has 1.3 million fans following him on Instagram, and nearly 400,000 folks have liked his post at the time of writing. And he’s received a ton of praise and support.

A couple of days before he showed off his new look, Batalon posted a photo of himself from last year, and the difference between the photos is incredibly stark. He’s not mentioned yet just how many pounds he managed to shed, but it’s a lot.

He’s also not yet told us his secret. Just how did he manage to lose all that weight?

It’s unfortunate that it seems he encountered a level of abuse or trolling regarding his previous weight, but it appears he’s turned that into a positive and completely turned things around and now looks fantastic. And his fans are giving him a ton of high praise for what he’s achieved.

Fellow Spiderman actor Harry Holland (that’s the other Holland) was among the many to congratulate the actor; he went with a simple “Wow ?” in the comments. Other fans wrote comments like, “Dude, you’re looking AWESOME” and “love you more every day. ?”

Is Jacob Batalon’s weight loss for a movie role?

A theory has emerged, which suggests there might be a reason beyond the health benefits as to why Batalon lost the weight. This theory posits that it’s all for an upcoming role in the new Spiderman movie where character Ned Leeds transitions into arch-villain, the Hobgoblin.

In the Marvel comics, Ned Leeds becomes the Hobgoblin after marrying Betty Brant, and in 2019’s Far From Home, Ned and Betty actually date each other. Some suspect that this may provide an indicator of what MCU is planning to do with Batalon’s character. This is, of course, just speculation, and nothing is confirmed.

However, last year in an interview with Nerdist, Batalon said he’d love to play a villain. He said: “I would love to do that. That just sounds like such a fun process as an actor to go through… I’m definitely not saying I couldn’t do it. I could definitely do my best villain. I’d love to.” So, perhaps we shouldn’t rule it out completely.

Batalon’s not the only celebrity to lose the pounds this year; Adele shocked everyone at the Oscars earlier this year when she revealed her extensive weight loss, leaving her unrecognizable to many of her fans.

Lots of folks have been worrying about late gain this year, what with many of us working from home. But don’t worry, Monsters and Critics has your back; Dr. Nicole Avena sat down with us to dole out some celebrity tips on how to lose weight.

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