Jaz Sinclair Feels ‘Lucky’ To Be Part of ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ Cast

Jaz Sinclair plays your fave new BFF, Roz, on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

The actress is opening up to Elite Daily in a cool new feature about the show, being part of the most amazing cast and more. Check it:

On how her Sabrina character has made an impact: “Roz is kind of shameless in standing up for what she believes in, and the way that Roz just stands in her own skin… kind of gives me permission to do the same as Jaz.”

On why casting POC on screen is so important: “When I watch a show, and it’s only six white dudes that are the leads, and I’m just supposed to be interested and relate somehow, that’s just not that interesting to me.”

On how the Sabrina cast interacts off-screen: “We carpool all the time, listen to tunes on the way in. The cast hangs out all the time. Honestly, it is just the most lovely group of people… and that’s honestly my favorite part of this whole experience. These relationships really are so special and I just feel lucky.”

Check out more of Jaz’ interview on Elite Daily!

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