Jennifer Lopez already ‘enlisted her glam squad’ to give Ben Affleck a full makeover

Here are some photos of Jennifer Lopez visiting Wildwood School Independent in LA on Friday. Combined with the visit to a different (private) school in LA last week, I think we can safely say that Jennifer is planning to transfer Max and Emme to an LA school when the school year starts in late summer/early fall. Meaning, no more full-time Miami living now that she and Alex Rodriguez are done, and now that she’s dating someone based in LA. The Bennifer Redux might only be a few months old, but they’re clearly making longer-term plans the second time around. Speaking of, People Magazine had this item:

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are thinking about their near future together. Affleck, 48, and Lopez, 51, “are discussing summer plans,” a source tells PEOPLE, who adds they “want to spend as much time together as possible” despite living on opposite coasts.

“They also want to take a trip,” the source adds.

The source reveals that Lopez “is incredibly happy” in her rekindled romance with Affleck, adding, “They are both acting very comfortable in their relationship.”

[From People]

Please let their summer trip involve a beach or a yacht. Tiny bikinis, the phoenix back tattoo shining in the sun, virgin mojitos, and then we can fully recreate the “Jenny From the Block” music video. Speaking of!! You know how I said we need them to stay together at least through September so they can attend the Met Gala? Well, Jennifer is thinking along those same lines. She’s already trying to give Ben a makeover, just like she did last time:

Since reconciling with Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez has spent a fortune giving her man the ultimate glow-up, reveal multiple sources. “She loves taking care of him,” one insider tells Us, noting that Lopez has already enlisted her glam squad – including her personal stylist, nutritionist, trainer and esthetician – to get Ben into tip-top movie star shape.

“Ben needs a refresh,” says the insider, especially since Lopez plans to go to public events with him very soon. “She wants him to look and feel his best.”

Jennifer has also requested that Affleck drop cigarettes. “She won’t kiss or hug Ben after he has smoked,” says a second source, so “he vowed to quit.” Adds the insider: “Ben’s totally on board with the makeover. He loved that about Jen when they were together years ago – she took care of everything.”

[From Us Weekly, print edition]

Ben was smoking a lot when he visited her in Miami, and it felt very postcoital vibes, “go smoke on the balcony and grab a mint before you come inside.” Considering Ben’s only “vice” at this point is smoking, my guess is that Jen is probably just trying to get him to cut down for the moment. As for the makeover… it has not happened yet. He still looks like the same old rumbled Ben. But I’m sure the makeover is coming. She likes her men smooth and groomed like a Ken doll.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, WENN, Backgrid.

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