Jennifer Lopez Is Unrecognizable Without Makeup In New Video

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most glamorous women on the planet. And, in an attempt to share some of her unique glow with fans, the iconic singer launched her own beauty line, JLo Beauty. “This isn’t just a passion project, it’s a 30-year dream. I can’t wait to share my skincare secrets with you!!” she enthused alongside a teaser video on Instagram. Her philosophy is all about making women feel beautiful from the inside out, no matter their age. 

As she explained to Harpers Bazaar, “No one wants to hear, ‘Oh, you look great for 50.’ You want to hear you look great — doesn’t matter what age you are. For us, beauty having no expiration date, being youthful and timeless at every age, and beauty coming from the inside out are really, really the mantras of the brand.” Lopez is proving she means business too, with a new promotional video in which the firebrand performer takes it all off to show the real beauty underneath. 

JLo is just as stunning underneath it all

Taking to Instagram, Lopez shared a clip of her using the JLo Beauty products for her nighttime beauty routine. In the caption, she noted, “We’re fresh-faced for 2021… We’ve spent hundreds of rounds of testing products and formulations … all to make sure we created the perfect products for YOU to get THAT GLOW!!!” Clad in an opulent gold silk robe, Lopez asks the camera, “Are you guys ready to wash away 2020?,” with the singer explaining she’s still wearing “a lot of makeup” from her NYE performance. 

After pulling out the JLo Beauty cleanser, That Hit Single, she washes everything off smoothly and easily, revealing a gorgeous fresh face underneath. Lopez notes, “It leaves you with a little bit of a glow when you’re done,” while pointing to herself as a (pretty great!) example. Next, she applies serum to her face, admitting it took forever to get the formula right as she wanted to “make sure it had a tightening and an instant glow effect.” Lopez then takes the opportunity to point out how good her skin looks makeup-free, thanks to just two products. 

“I have more glow bare skin than I did when I had the makeup on. And this is my mission with JLo Beauty to make you feel beautiful in your own skin. When it’s just you. Not when you have to put on fillers and filters and all this stuff that we do on social media to feel beautiful. This is where you want to feel the most beautiful,” she argued in closing.

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