Jeremy Clarkson’s co-star defends him after farmers express concerns ‘He’s not the type!’

Clarkson's Farm: Jeremy Clarkson stars in Amazon Prime trailer

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Speaking to press including, Jeremy Clarkson, 60, was asked if he believed the Chipping Norton farming community may have had concerns that he was running a farm in the area at first. The host bought the Diddly Squat Farm 12 years ago and has since opened his own farm shop.

He said: “I’m absolutely convinced they all want to roll their eyes and thought oh here he comes up from London.

“But, I’ve had my farm for a long time, 12 or 13 years and local chaps have been doing it.

“There’s bound to be [concerns] but what difference does it make whether I’m doing it or somebody else? I am trying my hardest.”

Jeremy’s co-star Kaleb Cooper admitted there had been talks about the car enthusiast turned farmer at the beginning.

He spilled: “When he first started there was a lot of talk with the farmers, I’m very good friends with them all.

“They were like, ‘Oh God, here we go’ the one thing they have always said is Jeremy has always had an interest in farming, ever since [he] first bought the farm.

“He’s not the type of person who buys a bit of land, you take a contract on and you go and do it and you never see him.

“Jeremy is out there walking the farming going, ‘How you doing this week? How is the wheat? How is the barley?’

“You know, he has an interest in how things are going.”

Jeremy added: “I think we’re alright now I get on with them all.”

“You have farming chats with them all,” Kaleb agreed in their joint interview.

“Nearly,” the ex Top Gear star joked.

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In the same chat, the father-of-three revealed what surprised him the most about farming.

Jeremy admitted taking on the project was out of his comfort zone, but had loved his new found hobby.

One thing he didn’t enjoy however was how many rules and regulations came with farming.

He revealed: “I honestly thought that farming was… you put seeds in the ground, weather happens and then you grow food.

“And then, you go on a skiing holiday and moan about how awful the weather has been and that’s just not true, none of that.

“It’s incredibly complicated, every single thing about farming is complicated and made more complicated by Government interferers.

“The amount of things you can’t do, it beggars belief.”

Clarkson’s Farm launches on Amazon Prime Video on Friday 11th June.

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