Jessica Alves on the Hunt for Right Guy to Help Her Lose Virginity

The ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ star admits in a new interview that she is ‘desperate’ to become a mother just months after undergoing sex change surgery, bu have not been very lucky.

AceShowbiz -International TV personality Jessica Alves is desperate to lose her virginity and start a family after undergoing sex change surgery.

The Brazilian star, 37, underwent sex reassignment in February, and over the weekend (July 24 to 25), she showed off her weight loss, following gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey, at a party in London.

And she told the MailOnline she’s “desperate” to become a mum.

“I am desperate to lose my virginity after my sex change surgery and I have been on the hunt for the right guy, but no luck,” she said. “I’ve been using [dating app] Tinder in order to chat to those who are supposed to be a match but I haven’t been very lucky.”

“My account often gets banned because users report me thinking that it isn’t a real profile. Last week, I agreed to go on a date with this man who looked and sounded amazing and when I turned up it was a catfish. I was so angry and disappointed that I gave him only 10 minutes of my time. When I stood up to go he asked me for my underwear!”

Jessica reveals she’s not opposed to dating fans, explaining devotees can get her attention on X-rated subscription site OnlyFans.

“All my girl friends use OnlyFans and they talked me into it,” she added. “Before I was reluctant at making an account but now, after a week on it, I’m loving it.”

“It is a controlled website on my terms and I am getting to interact with some very nice genuine fans and I hope to find my Prince Charming soon.”

Alves reveals she’s already been on one date with a fan – and it went well.

“He knew all about my life and my story,” the “Celebrity Big Brother” star explained. “He was also very intelligent, charming and interesting and made me feel really special.”

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