Kareem Hunt Victim Goes Silent After Demanding Charges

The woman Kareem Hunt slammed down and kicked was initially gung-ho to press charges against the then-NFL superstar, but she’s since gone silent … TMZ Sports has learned.

As we first reported, the woman repeatedly told Cleveland PD officers who responded to the scene she wanted to press charges. In the bodycam video we posted, she asked to see the surveillance footage, and also asked the police to look at it.

She said she wanted Hunt prosecuted for the alleged assault and/or for stealing her phone’s SIM card. In the attack video, you clearly see someone walk off with her phone. She says it was eventually returned but, apparently, without the SIM card.

Our law enforcement sources tell us the woman never took her demand for charges to the city Prosecutor’s Office and hasn’t cooperated with the Prosecutor — and that might be why the case has gone nowhere.

We’re told police viewed the incident as an alleged misdemeanor assault, because, to the best of their knowledge, the woman hadn’t suffered any serious injury. She would need to present evidence of serious injury for the incident to upgraded to a felony.

It’s a fact that prosecutors can charge suspects even without the alleged victim’s testimony. However, our sources say that rarely happens in Cleveland … unless it’s a felony or a domestic violence case.

So, the question is … WHY has she gone silent? We’ve reached out to her several times, but no reply.

Hunt was asked point blank Sunday morning, during his ESPN interview, if he’d had any contact with her and he denied it … adding he “barely knew her.”

We’re told she has 18 months to press charges, so there’s still time.

The Cleveland City Prosecutor told us “no comment” when we asked about the status of the case. 

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