Kat Von D Gave Birth To Her First Child

Before her son was even born, Kat Von D made two things very clear to the general public. One, that his name would be Leafar. Two, that she was the goth version of moms selling MLM oils on Facebook by announcing she was having a drug-free birth, and swearing that her vegan son would never be touched by toxic vaccines. Actually, that is pretty goth; you’re not totally committed to the goth life until you start actively bringing back old-time illnesses that will could result in rigor mortis. That was several months ago, and Kat finally gave birth to her son. Kat made the announcement on Instagram yesterday with a picture of her new baby and her husband, Leafar Seyer.

She announced that baby’s name is Leafar Von D Reyes. What does the D stand for? Diphtheria, maybe. Kat also said that she and Leafar Sr. would be taking some time off to bond with baby. As you probably already guessed, the baby announcement was very Punk Munsters.

Leafar Sr. also announced the arrival of Leafar Jr. on Instagram:

“Whats about love? My wife and son are. It might not look like it on the outside but on the inside I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. This year has given me so much to be happy and grateful for. I love you so much kitty I’ve never seen anyone fight for anything the way you fought to bring our son into this world. Magick is real and so is my love for you @thekatvond.”

Kat Von D or her husband don’t say exactly when their baby was born, but she was still very pregnant less than two weeks ago. And if this tweet is correct, Leafar Jr. was born at home.

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