Kate Mara And Jamie Bell Are Having A Baby

The Mara sister, who is probably not Anna Kendrick, and the baby-faced Brit, who probably didn’t play Spider-Man, are having a baby! Jamie Bell is definitely a different person from Tom Holland even though they both played Billy Elliot and look like they could be twins. He and Kate Mara (who was on House of Cards) were married in 2017, and have just announced that they are expecting their first child together. This will be Jamie’s second kid, he has a 5-year-old boy with his ex-girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood. I had no idea these two were even together, let alone married, let alone not those other people I mentioned before!

According to UsWeekly, Mara debuted her baby bump at the Golden Globes on Sunday. She’s lucky nobody tried to grab her pregnancy boobs mistaking them for a trophy.

Rooney, I mean Kate (dammit!), and Jamie seem pretty private but that didn’t stop her from blabbing about her big news to all the ladies in the bathroom at the GGs. According to Page Six:

Our spy tells us the “Pose” actress, 35, couldn’t contain her excitement over the news at the Golden Globes, revealing to Emily Blunt that she’s pregnant after the best actress nominee commented on the size of her breasts while waiting in line for the bathroom.

Damn, Mary Poppins! Mind your own titties! On a marginally related note, Jamie is playing Bernie Taupin in the upcoming Elton John movie Rocketman.

I just wanted you to see that picture. We’ll probably all forget that Jamie and Kate are a couple until the baby comes out so, see you guys back here in about 3 months, okay?

Pic: Wenn.com

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