Kim Kardashian: CALLED OUT For Not Looking Like Herself In New ’90s Inspired Makeup Launch!

Goodbye dewy skin and hello smokey eye!

‘The 90s glam is back and we’ve got the 4-1-1! 

On Monday, Kim Kardashian announced to Instagram that her makeup company, KKW Beauty, will be traveling back in time for its next launch — a ’90s-themed collection!

The highly anticipated look will be dropping on August 16 and will feature two 10-pan eyeshadow palettes, six lipsticks “in a brand-new matte formula,” six lip liners, and five eyeliners.

Just add some denim, straighten your hair, and you go, girl! 

But while most fans can’t wait for the release of Kim K’s new throwback line, some are (of course) having trouble getting on board.

Once again, Kim is facing major backlash because according to some of her followers, she’s hardly recognizable in her promo pics.

“I’m so excited to announce my new ’90s inspired collection of all matte formulas — The Matte Smoke & Matte Cocoa Collections!!!” she wrote in her caption. 

“I get a lot of my makeup inspiration from the 90’s and love how nostalgic this entire collection is.”

As seen in the photo above, the mom of four is rocking a heavy smokey eye, a black Versace dress, a thick choker, and slick hair — but the internet is SO not here for it. 

“As if”, am I right? 

Comments have been ranging from “Who is this?” to “That’s not Kim, right?” and there are also plenty of complaints and accusations being made about Photoshop:

“She’s so photoshopped she doesn’t even know what she looks like,” said one hater user. 

“Umm… Kim is so stunning but this doesn’t look like her,” added another. 

Sure, she looks like a totally different person, but these heavy makeup products and techniques are something we haven’t seen on the 32-year-old in quite some time. 

So yes, she’s going to look a little unrecognizable from the sun-kissed, radiant goddess we are all used to seeing!

(Dewy v. Matte is like Rosé v. Tequila. Both do good work, but they’re very different.)

“Am I the only one who didn’t recognise sis for like a good 10 seconds,” chimed a following user, and “Who’s face did you use for this pic?” dug another. 

Hm, I think someone needs to take a chill pill… 

Just because these concerned individuals chose to focus on the reality star’s appearance over her chic inspired makeup look, it is not going to slow down the hype this beauty line is already receiving. 

Especially from Kim’s hottest friends who are already on her PR list for the drop, including ’90s icons Cindy Crawford, Melissa Joan Hart, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Winona Ryder, Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, and Janet Jackson. (To name a few!)

As for the haters, well they can talk to the hand! 

I’ve been testing it for months and it’s my favorite collection I’ve ever done,” revealed Kim. 

“I know I say that, but this one’s like for real for real.”

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